Friday, December 16, 2011

TODAY SHOW VIDEO: McCain On Iraq Withdrawal: 'We Risk Losing Everything That We Gained'


AndrewSshi said...

This is irritating because it's way, way, way too America-centric. Abu Risha gets no credit, it's all the Surge, and he seems to completely discount that it was Iraq's democratically elected parliament that told us not to let the door hit our collective a*s on the way out.

But then, Joel, you already knew that. This is just me venting.

Joel Wing said...

Yes, agree. McCain was with a group of other Senators that seemed to think that the U.S. could do anything they wanted in Iraq, and that we were the only thing keeping the country together.

The Iraqi parliament said no immunity, well the administraiton just had to push them and they would have given in, ignoring the fact that the legislature was not going to budge on the issue.

McCain has also been arguing that Iran is going to take over now that the U.S. is out. When we had the Surge, there were Iranian Revolutionary Guards agents and Hezbollah members running around the country planning attacks. If we couldn't stop that with the highest troop levels, then how were 5,000-10,000 troops largely cooped up in their bases going to do anything? It wasn't a deterrent then, and wouldn't be one now.

The best thing I read however, was that some Republican Senators argued that the U.S. should have just taken Ali Mussa Daqduq, the Hezbollah commander that was being held by the U.S., to another country. I guess supporting a sovereign Iraq only goes so far.