Friday, January 18, 2013

VIDEO: Marsh Arabs Iraq


Anonymous said...

It’s very surprising this man who is very prod been reading, writing, and researching Iraq since 2003, who stating his blog listed on the New York Times, McClatchy Newspapers, CSPAN, and others. Who also faceless teacher somewhere in US, been silent about well known by news outlets let around the world, obviously those insiders in Iraq there is unrest and demonstrations between the “democratic government” and Iraqis? What Marsh Arab subject here for?

If you are “The Ground Truth in Iraq” as you labelled yourself and really care about marsh marshes, Ten years past, with billions spent by Iraqis agencies and foreign agencies & UN one but things going backward! You know what?

There is more than 60 waterways and or water streams and small revers from its source the Marvellous neighbour to Iraq either redirected their way from been going inside Iraq or they closing the, some still were polluted with sewage and other poisonous martial and let them entering Iraq?

This will not first time but remind very specialist with Iraq matter, the deadly riots that broke out in Nasiriyah and Basra in June 2010 in protest at persistent power outages demonstrated the government’s vulnerability to rising public anger at its failure to substantially improve public services.

I hope this teacher not having some trace of دم عجمي

Joel Wing said...

Someone attacking me as a "faceless teacher somewhere in the US" who then posts under "anonymous" is a bit hilarious.

If you haven't noticed, but for the last two years now I've been posting videos every Friday that cover Iraqi history or times earlier in the Iraq war. That's why there are a series of videos about the Marsh Arabs. If you don't like the content of my blog, please go somewhere else.