Sunday, September 25, 2011

HBO/BBC MOVIE: House Of Saddam - Part 3

Part 3 of "The House of Saddam" starts in 1995 during the international sanctions period. United Nations weapons inspectors are in the country, while Saddam tries to hide his programs. He also becomes more religious as part of the Faith Campaign the government started to shore up support during the hard economic times, while members of the ruling elite steal and smuggle humanitarian supplies. The rivalry between Saddam's eldest son Uday and number 2 son-in-law Hussein Kamal grows, which led to the latter going into exile in Jordan, hoping to overthrow Saddam. Kamal ended up telling the inspectors that all of Iraq's weapons programs had been ended. His story was undermined by Saddam who claimed that Kamal was personally trying to hide them. His plot fails, and he and his extended family are talked into returning to Iraq, where Hussein and his brother are executed by members of their tribe. At the same time, the government rounds up hundreds who were suspected of working with the CIA.

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