Friday, August 3, 2012

ASPEN INSTITUTE VIDEO: American Wars And Foreign Policy - Iraq


Anonymous said...

Great post that one regarding security in Iraq (M.Night). there are a lot of news about wanted men arrested in Maysan during the last days and weeks. Before we use to translate wanted men by JAM militia and other gangs. Since Maysan Council is under Sadrist grip we could consider the arrested wanted men as a warning of Maliki to Moqtda Al Sadder games with Iran and Iraqia coalition? Also as many wanted men are arrested many people in Maysan that have suffered the militias before now are hidding fearing of JAM and other Iranian proxies retaliation against them.

Anonymous said...

I sense not one iota of remorse or regret for all the dead Iraqi and Americans gone due to their miscalculations.
These people now want back into power to continue the program that they started. We have heard of mass hypnosis and mass mania. They are mass insane fanatics.

Joel Wing said...

I think you could say that of Cambone. He was obviously trying to stick up for the Bush administration, and made some questionable assertions like playing down CURVEBALL's role in the intelligence before the war, and generally trying to spin things in a positive light.

The ambassadors however were trying to hold things together and then at the end trying to extricate the U.S. military from the country.

They did talk about the costs as well during the Q&A.

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