Musings On Iraq In The News

Original Writings, Appearances, Partial Citations

Presenting at the ACCORD branch of the Austrian Red Cross, Vienna, Austria, March 2019

Feature article on my work on Iraqi casualties in the Los Angeles Times January 2017

Presenting at Institute of Developing Economics, Tokyo, Japan, July 2016

Original Writings, Appearances, Partial Citations


Chapter in Mardini, Ramzy, ed. Volatile Landscape: Iraq And Its Insurgent Movements, Jamestown Foundation, 2011


Interviewed on NTV Broadcasting Company (Russia), 10/26/19

Presented for ACCORD branch of the Austrian Red Cross on the situation in Iraq to help with Iraq asylum cases, Vienna, Austria, 3/28/19

Interviewed BBC Radio 5 on future of the Islamic State and rebuilding Mosul, 7/1/17

Presented at Journalism Association of Community Colleges State Convention in Sacramento, CA on the Iraq War and blogging, April 2017

Presented at Institute of Developing Economics, Tokyo, Japan on Iraq’s Kurds, July 2016

Presented at Institute of Energy Economics, Tokyo, Japan on Iraq’s foreign relations, July 2016

Presented at Toyo Eiwa University, Tokyo, Japan on the situation in Iraq, July 2016

Presented at Middle East Institute of Japan, Tokyo, Japan on situation in Iraq, July 2016

Interviewed on Joe Geni Podcast, “Episode 22: Does Sykes – Picot Matter?” 5/26/16

Interviewed on TRT World News TV on the liberation of Ramadi, 12/28/15

Interviewed on CCTV on Iraq’s economy, April 2015

Interviewed “Update on the Conflict in Iraq,” Middle East Week, 9/22/14

Interviewed, “#13: Preventing A “Lost Generation” Of Syrian Children,” EPIC, 6/3/14

Interviewed “Iraq’s Election & Budget Problems,” Middle East Week, 5/21/14

Interviewed, “Iraq’s Escalating Violence and the Politics of Renewed Sectarian Conflict,” Project On Middle East Democracy, 12/3/13

Interviewed, “#2: Party Politics In Iraq,” EPIC, 8/21/13

Interviewed, “#1: Our Podcast Debut,” EPIC, 8/6/13

Interviewed “Episode 51-Iraq Update,” The Loopcast, 7/10/13

Interviewed “Turmoil in Iraq,” Middle East Week, 7/2/13

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