Thursday, November 30, 2017

Security In Iraq, Nov 22-28, 2017

Violence remained at a minimal level in Iraq for another week. The government forces were sweeping through western Anbar, but the Islamic State was not putting up a fight. That was true in most of the country as well. Several mass graves were discovered raising the casualty figures.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 30

1920 British said all of its colonial offices were under control of Iraq council of state
1980 Iranian air force attacked Iraqs nuclear reactor at Tuwaitha and Fao Peninsula in Basra
2001 Rumsfed told press US knew Iraq had WMD because defectors told them so
2003 US soldiers repelled 3 ambushes on convoy in Samarra Iraqis later claimed US fired
            indiscriminately killing civilians
2003 Senior CIA analyst said 2002 Nat Intel Est on Iraqs WMD lacked specifics on the programs
2004 Report War mismanagement sanctions since 1980s destroyed Iraqs health care system
2005 Aide to PM Jaafari wanted to know whether KRG signing oil deal with was DNO
2005 White House released National Strategy for Victory in Iraq Lacked any substance
            on what strategy was
2005 Bush speech went over new National Strategy for Victory in Iraq Said goal was to
            train Iraqi forces to take over war
2005 Pentagon contracted Lincoln Group to place pro-US stories in Arab media about Iraq
2006 Bush met Maliki Maliki said he wanted more control over ISF and command
            over them Bush said no
2006 Bush told Maliki he had lost control of Baghdad and about to lose Iraq Maliki
2006 Bush told Maliki US was going to have troop surge Maliki had to back it and
            agree to reconciliation Maliki said yes
2006 Sadr withdrew ministers from Malikis cabinet to protest Malikis meeting with Bush

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Maliki’s 2011 Meeting With Obama, Mishaps Between Governments

In December 2011, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki travelled to Washington D.C. for a meeting with President Barak Obama. The State Department was hoping this would be a great symbolic get together of Iraq and the United States. Unfortunately, Maliki was not in the mood, and complained about his fears of Sunni states and Baathists and what the Americans were doing about them. This was just one of many mishaps between the two governments.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 29

1927 UK For Sec Chamberlain told King Faisal talks over Anglo-Iraq Treaty
            should be delayed for two years and Faisal would have to run Iraq on his own
1927 British knew Faisal afraid of potential unrest and were trying to intimidate him
            during negotiations over new treaty Tactic worked
1934 Border dispute between Iraq and Persia escalated
1980 Iranian marines destroyed Mina al Bakr and Khor al Amaya oil terminals
            in Iraq
1980 Iranian attack on Iraqi oil facilities in Basra cut exports from 3.24 mil/bar/day to
            550,000 bar/day
1981 Iran started Op Jerusalem Way in Khuzestan province Was start of human wave
1990 UN Resolution 678 gave Iraq until 1/15/91 to withdraw from Kuwait
2001 UN Res 1382 extended Oil for Food program
2001 Amer Enterprise Institute panel said Saddam had to be removed before US
            could confront radical Islam
2002 UK Defense Min told Blair that US still had no political strategy for Iraq
2002 American Enterprise Inst group of experts started work on paper on what U.S.
            facing after 9/11 Would focus on Iraq
2003 Insurgent attacks killed 7 Spanish intelligence officers and 2 Japanese diplomats
            in Iraq
2004 Bush told NSC January 2005 Iraqi election had to happen on time
2005 Rumsfeld told press “insurgent” should no longer be used when reporting on Iraq
2005 Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace talked to press and used word “insurgent” in briefing
            on situation in Iraq
2005 Rumsfeld said US forces had no responsibility to report torture and abuse by Iraqi
2005 Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace said US absolutely had to report any abuse and torture
            it witnessed by Iraqi forces
2005 Report Badr infiltrated Interior Min Mahdi Army regular police Both carrying out
            extrajudicial killings torture abuse
2005 Interior Min Inspector General said police carrying out extrajudicial killings
2005 Ceremony for DNO to start drilling for oil at field in Zakho

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Baghdad-Irbil Talks Stalled

Talks between the federal and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) have deadlocked over the last few weeks. After Baghdad moved its forces into Kirkuk and other disputed territories in October 2017, which led to several gun battles, the two sides moved onto negotiations mediated by the United States. No progress has been made however due to a number of issues with no breakthrough appearing on the horizon.  

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 28

1935 UK For Office rejected King Faisal mediating Palestine dispute believing
            he had aspirations over territory
1947 Iraq’s Foreign Minister Jamail told UN that creation of Israel would lead to unrest
            in Middle East
1958 Shah criticized Iraq for refusing to settle navigation down Shatt al-Arab Pres Qasim
            responded by claiming all of waterway for Iraq
1980 Iran launched Operation Morvarid that destroyed 80% of Iraq’s navy in
Iran-Iraq War
2001 UK intel report Iraq not connected to 9/11 not working with Al Qaeda not
            giving WMD to terrorists Said Iraq WMD threat “slight”
2001 Pentagon officials told Time after Afghanistan US would target Iraq as next step
            in war on terror
2005 Dep Human Rights Min Usayran and Gen Samarriae told Knight Ridder Iraqi
            forces torturing and abusing prisoners

Monday, November 27, 2017

Despite Denials Pro-Iran Hashd Factions Have Crossed Iraqi Border To Fight In Syria

During the spring of 2017 the Hashd al-Shaabi reached the Iraq-Syrian border. Immediately, many of the pro-Iranian factions of the Hashd talked about crossing over to help the Assad government as many already had units doing so on the Syrian side. At the same time, they denied that they would enter the neighboring country without the authorization of the Iraqi government, but some did.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 27

1994 Iraq finally agreed to border with Kuwait
2001 Rumsfeld told CENTCOM cmdr Gen Frank he wanted to completely revise
            Iraq war plan
2001 Saddam rejected Bush’s call for UN weapons inspectors to return to Iraq
2001 Wash Post survey found 78% of Americans supported military action against Iraq
2002 UN weapons inspections carried out first inspections under new regime
2004 Report 1/3 of property Hallliburton contracted to manage in Iraq lost
2006 Joint chiefs told Bush was leaning towards a troop surge in Iraq
2008 Iraq passed Status of Forces Agreement with US setting withdrawal
            date for US forces 12/31/11

Sunday, November 26, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 26

1980 Iraq sent letter to UN saying it was still following the 1975 Algiers Accord
            on Shatt al-Arab and Iran was violating it
1983 Pres Reagan signed NSDD114 saying U.S. would back Iraq in Iran-Iraq
            War to prevent it from losing
1993 Iraq accepted UN Resolution 715 to extend UN weapons inspections Initially
            rejected resolution
2001 Bush called Saddam a terrorist who would be held accountable and said Iraq
            needed to allow UN weapons inspectors back in
2001 White House spokesman Fleischer said US afraid Al Qaeda might try to get
            nuclear weapons from Iraq
2002 Gen Franks presented deployment plan for Iraq invasion to Rumsfeld Was for
            300,000 troops to be sent from summer 02-spring 03
2002 Rumsfeld said large deployment would undermine diplomatic moves US making
            on Iraq
2002 Rumsfeld decided to go through entire deployment process for Iraq invasion Ended
            up breaking it up and controlling entire process
2003 Sistani said he opposed CPA’s plan for caucuses to be formed to draft new
            Iraq constitution
2003 Sistani wanted Islamic identity to be included in any new Iraqi government
2006 US Iraq strategy review presented to Bush Said Maliki unable or unwilling
            to act against violence
2006 US Iraq strategy review said US should continue with withdrawal plan but
            could have temporary surge of troops
2006 SecState Rice told Bush US should step back from Iraq Was opposed to
            surge of troops
2006 NatlSecAdv Hadley told Bush US should have a surge of troops in Iraq to
            bring down violence
2006 Bush said he would consult with everyone and decide on a new Iraq
            strategy in Dec 06
2007 Maliki told Bush he was afraid insurgents were infiltrating the sahwa

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 25

1986 Iraq air strike on Iran’s Larak Island oil facilities Longest air raid of war Used Saudi air base 
           for refueling
1997 KDP broke own ceasefire by attacking PUK positions
2002 UN Res 1443 extended Oil for Food program
2002 US Navy report claimed uranium from Niger was in a warehouse in Benin heading for Iraq 
            Report later found to be false
2002 Head weapons inspector Blix told Security Council inspections would begin in Iraq on 11/27/02
2004 Defense Science Board report Iraq invasion gave jihadists around the world a cause and 
            supported their narrative
2006 Sheikh Suwadawi of Abu Soda tribe in Sufiya joined Anbar Awakening
2007 Natl Sec Adv Rubaie suggested banning sahwa south of Baghdad except in Hillah
            over fears of US recruiting Shiites
2012 Deadline for parties to register for provincial elections 261 parties registered

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Friday, November 24, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 24

1915 Battle of Ctesiphon ended with both British and Ottomans retreating
Ottomans 6,100 casualties British 4,600 casualties
1952 Soldiers opened fire on protests against Regent of Iraq killing 18 and wounding 84
1967 Iraq signed deal with France ERAP to develop North Rumaila oil field
1997 KDP declared unilateral ceasefire in KDP-PUK civil war
1998 UN Res 1210 renewed Oil for Food program for another 6 months
2000 UK Foreign Office report Arab countries no longer supported sanctions on Iraq
2003 US jailers used dogs to intimidate Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib
2003 Prison riot at Abu Ghraib
2003 UnderSecDef Feith gave his Iraq-Al Qaeda briefing to Weekly Standard that
            published it and claimed two had cooperated since 1990s
2003 Report Iran brought Hezbollah into Iraq to help it
2004 Powell told Bush not enough US troops in Iraq to secure country
2004 Report US portrayed Zarqawi and foreigners leading Battle of Fallujah but leaders
            were local Iraqis 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Security In Iraq, Nov 15-21, 2017

There was a slight spike in violence in Iraq during the third week of November, but there were still fewer than 100 incidents. This was the 15th full week in a row that occurred.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 23

1914 British forces officially took Basra
1915 French diplomat Picot visited London told officials Mosul Baghdad Basra vilyats
            should be given to Arabs after WWI to placate them
1952 Gen Mahmoud formed new military govt and declared martial law to put down
1952 Nuredin Mahmoud became premier in new military govt
1983 Iraq sank Greek cargo ship at Iranian port of Bushehr
1990 Bush said Saudis Egypt Syria agreed on UN resolution to allow use of force vs
            Iraq for invasion of Kuwait
1993 UN reported that govt had drained 40% of southern marshes to drive out
            displaced and rebels
1997 Clinton said UN sanctions would stay until Saddam removed from power
2006 6 car bombs and two mortar rounds by ISI hit Sadr City killing 215
            and injuring 257

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 22

1915 Beginning of Battle of Ctesiphon between British and Ottoman forces
1923 PM Sadoun resigned over differences with Shiite leaders and King Faisal
1923 Jafar Pasha al-Askari became 3rd PM of Iraq, would hold office 2 times
1923 Shiites got Finance and Education ministries in Askari govt Shiite leaders gave
            pledge of allegiance to King as a result
1952 Baghdad protests against Regent of Iraq started
2002 France told US that they believed Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger
2002 Russia’s Putin warned U.S. not to unilaterally act against Iraq
2003 US transport plane hit by missile at Baghdad International Airport
2005 Wall St Journal OpEd repeated story that 9/11 hijacker Atta might have met Iraqi
            intel agent in Prague in 2001
2006 Commander of US forces in Iraq Gen Casey told Joint Chiefs troop surge
            would not work

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Cost Of Rebuilding Iraq

Now that the conventional war against the Islamic State is coming to an end the government has to deal with reconstruction. Estimates for rebuilding Anbar, Ninewa and Diyala stand at $60 billion. Half of that is just for Mosul with 70% of the west side destroyed. In Anbar, the deputy governor told Al Mada that 100,000 houses were damaged in the province along with 80% of the hospitals in Ramadi, Fallujah and Qaim and 90% of the bridges were knocked out. Back in the summer, the Planning Ministry thought total reconstruction in the country could stand at $100 billion. The authorities are facing two dilemmas: one where is the money going to come from, and how are they going to use it.

Musings On Iraq In The News

I was quoted in "Clouds form over Kurdistan as experts forecast more fighting with Baghdad" in Al Araby.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 21

1914 British troops entered Basra after Ottomans abandoned city
1926 Jaffar al-Askari became PM of Iraq for 2nd time
1946 PM Umari forced to resign in aftermath of Kirkuk Massacre where oil strikers killed
1946 Nuri al-Said became premier 4th time
1983 Iran’s Op Wa al-Fajr 4 ended taking a few miles of territory in Kurdistan
1997 UN weapons inspectors returned to Iraq
2001 Bush told Natl Sec Adv Rice he wanted Rumsfeld to start planning for Iraq
2001 Bush told Rumsfeld to update war plans for Iraq Wanted it done secretly
2002 NATO summit Bush was talking about war with Iraq and using new U.N.
            inspections as catalyst for action
2003 UN turned over Oil for Food program to CPA
2003 UK intel report Badr Brigade maintained close ties to Iran that armed and funded it
2004 Iraq Election Commission announced vote for transitional assembly to draft
            constitution would happen 1/30/05 along with provincial vote
2006 Iraq and Syria announce renewal of diplomatic relations which were broken
            during Iran-Iraq War

Monday, November 20, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 20

1914 Arab tribes told British forces Ottomans had abandoned Basra British
            forces set out to take city
1920 US complained 3rd time to UK about San Remo agreement that divided up Iraqi oil
            between France and England
1922 Abd Sadoun became Iraq’s 2nd PM His orders were to organize elections for an
            assembly to write constitution
1963 Tahir Yahya became premier, held office 2 times
1982 Tariq Aziz accused US and Soviet Union of allowing weapons to be sent to
            Iran during Iran-Iraq War
1997 Russia brokered deal to allow US members of UN inspectors back into Iraq
2001 US Embassy in Niger said that Niger official said no way it could produce
            enough uranium reports claimed Iraq bought from it
2003 Suicide truck bomb hit PUK office in Kirkuk killing 5
2005 Report on how US relied upon Iraqi defector CURVEBALL for intel on Iraq’s
            WMD when they were warned he was unreliable
2006 Joint Chiefs told to prepare plan for surge in troops in Iraq 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Battle Of Mosul Casualties Updated

There were recently two reports released in November 2017, which proved that there were still many unaccounted for casualties from the Mosul campaign. First, the United Nations released a study on the battle that included over 1,000 dead and wounded not reported before. Than the New York Times did an in depth study of Coalition air strikes during the Mosul operation, which found that there were many more incidents of civilian deaths than the Coalition acknowledged, and that it was using a flawed system to assess whether it caused any casualties.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 19

1914 British troops took Ottoman fort at Sahil in the city of Basra
1991 UN report said Iraqi forces used torture and mass killings to put down Shiite uprising after
            Gulf War
1999 UN Res 1275 extended Oil for Food program for Iraq during sanctions
2002 UK Def Min official warned Blair’s office that without proper postwar planning Iraq war
            could fail
2003 Car bomb at Sheikh Suleiman’s home after he made deal with US for police to take over
           security in Ramadi
2004 Assoc of Muslim Scholars announced Sunni boycott of Jan 05 elections claiming results
            would be fake and non-representative
2004 US Gen Smith dep cmdr CENTCOM said insurgents were carrying out effective intimidation
            campaign before Jan 05 elections
2005 Marines killed 24 civilians in revenge for Marine being killed by IED in Haditha
2006 Dep Health Min Saffar kidnapped by policeman Mahdi Army suspected of killing him under
            orders of Dep Health Min Zamili
2008 PUK politburo created committees to discuss its internal divisions

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rawa, Last Iraqi Territory Liberated From Islamic State

The Iraqi forces freed the last section of Iraqi territory held by the Islamic State. That happened as Rawa in western Anbar was liberated in just a matter of hours. There are still some lawless areas of the country where IS operates in, but Rawa was the last actual city it controlled marking a major turning point.  
(Institute for the Study of War)

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 18

1914 British launched second attack on Ottoman forces in Zain, Basra
1963 Pres Arif removed Baathists from positions in govt including PM Bakr
1963 Pres Arif and brother Gen Arif and army put down Baath National Guard
            militia in Baghdad Mosul and Kirkuk
1968 KDP called on UN to intervene in Iraq during Kurdish revolt
1979 Naji Suwaidi became premier of Iraq
1997 KDP recaptured lost territory from PUK
1997 UN told that dramatic increase in Iraqi oil smuggling through Iran violating
            UN sanctions
1997 Wash Post OpEd by Wolfowitz and Khalilzad called for US to overthrow Saddam
2002 New UN inspectors arrived in Baghdad
2005 House Republicans attacked Democrats for trying to cut and run in Iraq by
            backing withdrawal US policy was withdrawal
2005 Al Qaeda in Iraq bombed Shiite mosque in Khanaqin Diyala 74 dead
2005 Study 90-96% of insurgency were Iraqis only 4-10% foreign fighters
2006 Pentagon and Joint Chiefs papers on Iraq said US should follow Gen Casey plan to
            withdraw turn things over to Iraqis
2006 Joint Chiefs paper on Iraq said Iraq falling into civil war US strategy not working
2006 US intel report on Iraq said US had no good options in Iraq
2006 VP Cheney’s office memo on Iraq said US should back Shiites and Kurds and
            forget about Sunnis
2008 US signed Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq that set 12/31/11 withdrawal
            date for US forces

Friday, November 17, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 17

1975 France-Iraq agreement to build nuclear facility
1980 Iraq’s Susangard offensive failed after 3 days
1982 Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim announced Supreme Assembly of the Islamic
            Revolution in Iraq formed in Iran
1993 Iran reported 60,000 Iraqi refugees entered country after Saddam drained southern
2001 Wolfowitz wrote Rumsfeld that if any evidence found of Iraq involvement in
            9/11 US should act
2005 Congressman Murtha introduced resolution to withdraw US troops from Iraq
            saying war going badly
2005 Head of central criminal court in Baghdad Samarrie said special Inter Min forces
            didn't need arrest warrants or file court papers to detain people
2006 State Dept memo suggested US should pull back from Iraq and have same
            relationship as all other states
2006 State Dept memo argued against a surge in troops in Iraq to help quell violence
2015 VP Nujafi filed lawsuit to remain in office after Abadi dismissed vice presidents
2015 3 dozen protesters in Baghdad taken away by police Some beaten

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Security In Iraq, Nov 8-14, 2017

The greatly improved security environment continued for another week in Iraq. From Nov 8-14, there were less than 100 incidents, but the number of dead was very high due to another mass grave being discovered.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 16

1914 British forces attacked Ottomans in Zain, Basra
1918 UK commissioner for Iraq Arnold Wilson wrote that Iraqis were happy with British
1922 PM Gaylani’s second govt resigned
1930 Iraqi parliament ratified new Anglo-Iraq treaty ending British mandate but
            maintained British influence
1961 Mustafa Barzani asked for UN aid to Kurds
1980 Iraq sent letter to the Iran saying Baghdad was still following 1975 Algiers
            Accord on Shatt al-Arab and Tehran was violating it 
2004 Major fighting in 2nd Battle of Fallujah said to be over
2005 Cheney said people that claimed US lied about causes of Iraq war undermined the troops
2005 White House rebutted NYTimes editorial that questioned pre-war WMD argument
            for Iraq war
2005 Sunni MP Falluji accused Iraqi forces of carrying out sectarian extra judicial killings
2006 Rumsfeld asked Gen Casey what was going on with National Police Casey
            said training was doing good but not their performance
2014 IS posted video of execution of American aid worker Peter Kassig

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Ninewa Politicians Settling Scores Rather Than Governing & Rebuilding

As soon as Mosul was liberated in July 2017, the Ninewa council moved against Governor Nufal Hamadi al-Akub. It took four months, but Akub was eventually removed from office. Similar situations have played out in other provinces that were once occupied by the Islamic State where politicians have decided to settle their scores after liberation. The problem is that these local officials should be restoring governance and rebuilding Ninewa, but instead are vying for power.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 15

1914 British troops began attack on Ottomans in Basra City
1924 Frontier Commission started demarcating border between Iraq and new nation of Turkey
1971 Baath issued Charter for National Action to try to draw Communists into govt
1986 Saddam told aides US wanted to keep Iraq and Iran balanced Was reason why US
            sold weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra scandal
2000 UK Foreign Office report Saddam felt like he was winning in breaking down sanctions
2001 Powell told Blair that after Afghanistan Right in US would push for bombing Iraq
2002 US asked UK and other allies for military support against Iraq
2002 Saudi Amb to US Bandar visited Bush Said Saudis wanted to know US intentions on Iraq
2002 Bush told Saudi Amb Bandar he would tell Saudis if he decided on war with Iraq
2003 CPA and Iraqi Governing Council agreed to return sovereignty to Iraq early by July 1 2004
2003 Pentagon claimed UnderSecDef Feith’s intel unit on Iraq-Al Qaeda ties was
            authorized by intel community but it wasn’t
2004 Heavy gun battles break out in Baquba Diyala between insurgents and US forces
2005 PM Jaafari admitted that prisoners found by US forces at secret prison in Baghdad were
2005 Interior Min Gen Kamal claimed abuse done by inexperienced police and would lead
            to reform within ministry
2005 Secret prison was actually one of many run by Badr Interior Min forces throughout
2005 28 Sunni men found shot in head in Jasan Diyala near Iranian border
2006 Amb Khalilzad said Maliki should be given more control over Iraqi forces and
            US should push him towards reconciliation
2006 White House staff began first day of Iraq strategy review
2007 Maliki said referendum on Kirkuk’s future would be held on this date Didn’t happen

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Iraq’s Dilemma What To Do With Kirkuk’s Oil?

The Iraqi federal government recently asserted control over Kirkuk province, which had been run by the Kurds since 2003. That included taking several oil fields such as Bai Hassan and Avana that the Peshmerga seized in 2014 when they were abandoned by the North Oil Company in the face of the advancing Islamic State. Prime Minister Haidar Abadi now wants to diversify the outlets for the province’s petroleum, and has the Oil Ministry exploring several options.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 14

1963 Baath Sec Gen Sadi said 8 Baathist leaders had been ousted and that he was returning to
            Baghdad with Syrian Baathists
1980 Iraq offensive to take Susangard, Iran started
1991 Kurds announced tentative deal with Saddam to end blockade of Kurdistan in return for
            Peshmerga withdrawing from cities
1998 Iraq agreed to work with weapons inspectors after US threatened attack
2001 Def Policy Board head Perle speech at For Policy Research Institute Said Iraq behind 9/11
            and should be attacked
2001 Cheney said he knew 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraq intelligence in Prague in 2001
2002 UK For Sec Straw told cabinet UN Resolution 1441 authorized military action against Iraq
            without a 2nd resolution
2002 UK intel report said Iraq accepted new weapons inspectors to avoid US led attack
            and would continue to hide its most important WMD programs
2003 Japan decided to hold off deploying troops to Iraq due to rising violence
2003 South Korea ordered its 464 troops in southern Iraq to suspend operations due to rising
2003 Denmark rejected call to send 100 more troops to Iraq due to rising violence
2003 US army intel report said insurgency successfully preventing CPA from providing
            safe and secure Iraq
2003 US army intel report said US failing in Iraq because relying upon conventional
            military tactics and didn’t understand Iraqi culture
2003 US army intel report said insurgents were targeting tribal structure in Iraq while
            US ignoring it
2004 Insurgents kidnapped wounded police from Mosul hospital and dismembered
            them Led to ½ of city’s police to quit
2004 Iraqi police commandos sent into Mosul to recapture police stations after all
            but one fell to insurgents in city
2004 Report UN official Sevan accused of getting kickbacks from Iraq under Oil for
            Food Program Told his staff not to investigate corruption
2005 Pentagon’s Insp Gen announced investigation into Pentagon intel unit on Iraq-
            Al Qaeda ties to see whether it did anything illegal
2006 National Police arrested 159 people from Higher Educ Min in Baghdad who were
            never seen again presumed killed
2013 US Natl Counterterrorism Center testified to Congress that ISIS was strongest since
            its peak in 2006

Monday, November 13, 2017

Human Cost Of The Mosul Campaign

The Mosul campaign, which lasted from October 2016 to July 2017 was the largest and most important battle against the Islamic State in Iraq. The fighting was some of the most intense the world had seen in decades, and broke the back of the militants as a conventional force that held territory in the country. The human toll was tremendous as well, and likely never to be fully accounted for due to Iraqi government censorship on casualties. Based upon daily media coverage from over 40 sources, along with human rights and United Nations reports a rough total can be estimated.

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 13

1929 PM Sadoun shot himself due to criticism he faced over his performance
1963 Baath National Guard commander Wandawi began bombing Rasheed Camp
            while Guard rampaged through Baghdad
1963 Baath Sec Gen Sadi said party run by new 15 member council headed by Bakr
1981 UN Resolution 36/27 again criticized Israel’s destruction of Osirak nuclear
            reactor and said Israel should pay for damages
1982 Saddam ran informal referendum backed by pro-Saddam marches
1986 Rev Command Council meeting believed Israel was behind Reagan selling
            weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra scandal
1991 Saddam replaced Interior Minister Ali Hassan al-Majid with Wathban
            Ibrahim Hassan
1997 Iraq expelled US members of UN weapons inspectors accusing them of being spies
2002 Iraq accepted UN Resolution 1441 to allow UN weapons inspectors
2002 Blair said that goal of resolution was disarming Iraq not regime change
2002 Blair told UK cabinet that 1441 meant military action could be taken against
            Iraq in case of violations without a 2nd resolution
2003 US forces launched Op Iron Hammer to hunt down insurgents in Baghdad
2005 US forces found 173 prisoners in secret prison in Baghdad run by Badr unit of
Interior Ministry Prisoners were tortured
2005 18 Sunni men found handcuffed blindfolded and shot in Baghdad
2006 Bush met Iraq Study Group Said Iraq part of ideological struggle in world
            Said US needed to back Maliki
2006 Iraq Study Group didn’t think Bush knew what victory in Iraq meant besides
2006 Iraq Study Group met with US Cmdr Iraq Gen Casey who said Iraqis had to
            eventually take control of own affairs
2006 US Iraq Cmdr Gen Casey told Iraq Study Group that sectarian violence
            problem in Iraq but Maliki only talked about Baathists
2006 Iraq Study Group met CIA Dir Hayden who said Maliki govt only talked about
            Baathists not sectarian violence
2006 CIA Dir Hayden told Iraq Study Group stable and democratic Iraq may not be
2013 Fallujah’s mayor killed by a sniper

Sunday, November 12, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 12

1914 British forces in Fao launched reconnaissance in force near Salhan, Basra
1927 Kurdish MP Rowanduzi said Shiites and Kurds both opposed govt conscription
1963 Baath founder Aflaq went to Iraq to solve internal Baath dispute Led to removal of
most leaders of 63 coup and rise of Arif within military
1968 68 coup member Nasir al-Hani special adv to Pres Bakr assassinated
1997 UN Resolution 1137 demanded Iraq allow full and unhindered weapons inspections
1997 Wall St Journal OpEd by David Wurmser called for US supporting INC and revolt in Iraq
1998 Iraq Amb to UN told military strike impending if did not agree to work with
            weapons inspectors again
2001 INC presented Iraqi defector Lami who claimed Iraq training terrorists at Salman
            Pak and had anthrax
2002 CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Franks said if US didn't act on Iraq it could acquire and
            use a nuclear weapon
2002 Lord Goldsmith told Foreign Sec Straw that he wasn't sure UN Resolution 1441
            would give legal basis for war with Iraq
2002 Straw told Goldsmith he thought 1441 meant Iraq had to comply or else
2002 NYTimes article claimed Iraq bought anti-WMD drugs as sign that it had WMD
            and was going to use it
2003 Zarqawi bombed Italian police in Nasiriyah killing 19 Italians 15 civilians and
wounding around 100
2003 Bush decided US should turn over sovereignty to Iraq early against CPA plan
2004 Marines attacked southern Fallujah 2nd Battle of Fallujah
2004 Sec of State Powell told Bush and Blair weren’t enough ground forces in Iraq
            to secure country
2005 US Iraq Cmdr Gen Casey told Rumsfeld Iraq might take 9-13 yrs

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