Monday, November 13, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 13

1929 PM Sadoun shot himself due to criticism he faced over his performance
1963 Baath National Guard commander Wandawi began bombing Rasheed Camp
            while Guard rampaged through Baghdad
1963 Baath Sec Gen Sadi said party run by new 15 member council headed by Bakr
1981 UN Resolution 36/27 again criticized Israel’s destruction of Osirak nuclear
            reactor and said Israel should pay for damages
1982 Saddam ran informal referendum backed by pro-Saddam marches
1986 Rev Command Council meeting believed Israel was behind Reagan selling
            weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra scandal
1991 Saddam replaced Interior Minister Ali Hassan al-Majid with Wathban
            Ibrahim Hassan
1997 Iraq expelled US members of UN weapons inspectors accusing them of being spies
2002 Iraq accepted UN Resolution 1441 to allow UN weapons inspectors
2002 Blair said that goal of resolution was disarming Iraq not regime change
2002 Blair told UK cabinet that 1441 meant military action could be taken against
            Iraq in case of violations without a 2nd resolution
2003 US forces launched Op Iron Hammer to hunt down insurgents in Baghdad
2005 US forces found 173 prisoners in secret prison in Baghdad run by Badr unit of
Interior Ministry Prisoners were tortured
2005 18 Sunni men found handcuffed blindfolded and shot in Baghdad
2006 Bush met Iraq Study Group Said Iraq part of ideological struggle in world
            Said US needed to back Maliki
2006 Iraq Study Group didn’t think Bush knew what victory in Iraq meant besides
2006 Iraq Study Group met with US Cmdr Iraq Gen Casey who said Iraqis had to
            eventually take control of own affairs
2006 US Iraq Cmdr Gen Casey told Iraq Study Group that sectarian violence
            problem in Iraq but Maliki only talked about Baathists
2006 Iraq Study Group met CIA Dir Hayden who said Maliki govt only talked about
            Baathists not sectarian violence
2006 CIA Dir Hayden told Iraq Study Group stable and democratic Iraq may not be
2013 Fallujah’s mayor killed by a sniper

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