Saturday, September 30, 2017

2nd Phase Of Hawija Operation Underway

After another short pause the Hawija operation was on once again. The Iraqi forces freed the Shirqat district in northern Salahaddin. Then did some clearing operations before starting their campaign once again to free Hawija only the second large piece of Iraqi territory still under Islamic State control.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 30

1924 Frontier Commission appointed to determine border between new nation
            of Turkey and Iraq
1958 Agrarian Reform Law issued by Gen Qasim in attempt to redistribute
            land from large landowners to peasants
1958 Pres Qasim removed Arif as Dep PM and Interior Minister because he was a threat to
the govt
1980 Iranian air force launched Op Scorch Sword attacking Iraq’s Osirak nuclear
facility Only minimal damage Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iraqis were stopped outside Dezful, Ahvas and Abadan in Khuzistan province Iran
            Iran-Iraq War
1980 Soviet’s Brezhnev said Iran and Iraq both friends of USSR 2 needed to negotiate
            end to war Soviets main military supporter of Iraq
1980 Ayatollah Khomeini refused all talks with Iraq to end Iran-Iraq War
1980 State Dept told Italy’s Foreign Ministry that USSR turned down request by Iraq
for additional military equipment
2001 Iraq defector told Sunday Telegraph Iraq started crash program to produce WMD
            in 6 months
2002 Iraq and UN negotiated new weapons inspections in Vienna but blocked 8
            presidential sites US rejected deal
2003 UN Sec Gen Anan said that UN would only renew its role in Iraq if sovereignty
            passed to an interim govt
2003 Rumsfeld aide ate with Pentagon Def Pol Board member Gingrich and Dep Sec Def
            Wolfowitz who were lobbying against Bremer
2003 Gingrich would later say Bremer at CPA was biggest foreign policy disaster in
            recent times
2003 Bush told Justice Dep investigating possible unauthorized disclosure of
            undercover CIA official fmr Amb Wilson’s wife
2004 3 coordinated car bombs in Baghdad kill 44
2008 Sheikh announced 20 Tribal Support Councils created in Dhi Qar by PM Maliki
2008 Creation of Tribal Support Councils in Dhi Qar led to attacks upon sheikhs in
            political rivalry between SIIC and Dawa
2014 UK launched first air strikes on IS
2014 Cabinet authorized govt to provide weapons, equipment, salaries to Hashd

Friday, September 29, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 29

1915 British forces took Kut, Wasit from Ottomans
1917 2nd Battle of Ramadi ended with Ottomans losing city to British
1981 Iran retook Abadan, 2nd largest city in Iran, inflicted 2,100 casualties on Iraqis
1986 Heavy Iraqi air strikes on Kharg Island Iraq oil terminal
1998 Iraq Liberation Act introduced into Congress
2001 Sec of Def Rumsfeld ordered review of all existing Iraq war plans
2003 Islamic Army of Iraq founded
2005 Balad bombing killed 95
2005 NY Times reporter Miller told grand jury VP Cheney’s chief of staff Libby told
            her fmr Amb Wilson’s wife was a CIA agent
2005 Gen Abizaid and Gen Casey told Congress number of Iraq army battalions that
            could operate independently dropped from 3 to 1
2006 British launched Op Sinbad against militias in Basra

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

War of Words Continues Between Baghdad and Irbil After KRG Referendum

The results of the September 25 Kurdistan independence referendum were officially announced, but that did little to calm the war of words between Baghdad and Irbil. The politicians in the Iraqi capital were pushing for more retaliation against the region, while the Kurds were refusing to listen. At the end of the day, there was a small fig leaf offered that could lead to something productive happening instead of the continued heated rhetoric.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 28

1915 British defeated Ottomans at Battle of Es Sinn driving them back to Kut,
1917 2nd Battle of Ramadi started between Ottomans and British
1980 Saddam offered ceasefire in Iran-Iraq War if Iran accepted Iraq’s gains
1980 Saddam said he wanted Iran to recognize its territory water rights non-aggression
            and non-interference in internal affairs
1980 Tehran rejected Iraq’s ceasefire proposal
1980 Saddam wanted to seize territory in western Iran in quick war and then thought
            it would be over
1980 1st time UN Security Council discussed Iran-Iraq War Iraq’s UN amb blamed Iran
            for war saying it violated treaties and attacked Iraqi territory
1980 UN Resolution 479 called for cease-fire in Iran-Iraq War Rejected by Iran
1980 Muslim countries’ committee visited Baghdad to try to mediate Iran-Iraq War
1980 Soviet Tass news agency criticized Iraq invading Iran as undermining
            national liberation movements in Middle East
2003 Rice and Powell said that US had lots of new intel on Iraq’s WMD since 1998
            when inspectors left in response to criticism
2003 Rice said were always questions about Iraq’s nuke program but no question it
            had WMD
2003 Report DIA review found defectors provided by INC invented & exaggerated
            info about Iraq’s WMD
2004 Blair said intelligence on Iraq’s WMD was wrong but getting rid of Saddam
            was right
2004 Report Jan 03 Natl Intel Council issued 2 reports saying US invasion of Iraq
            would increase support for Islamism Could lead to insurgency
2008 SIIC Governor of Dhi Qar came out against establishing Tribal Support Councils
            there because seen as tools of Maliki

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Security In Iraq Sep 15-21, 2017

There was a decided increase in violence in Iraq during the third week of September. There were 91 incidents reported in the media. That was the highest figure since the middle of July. That was caused by an uptick in attacks in Anbar, Diyala and Kirkuk. The first and last were experiencing the latest military operations, which provoked Islamic State into action. Diyala on the other hand, is one of the main provinces in the country where the insurgents are rebuilding.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 27

1915 Battle of Es Sinn began between Ottoman and British forces
1980 Muslim countries’ committee visited Tehran to try to mediate Iran-Iraq War
1984 Japan offered ceasefire proposal to UN to end Iran-Iraq War
1985 At UN Iraq For Min Aziz blamed Iran for starting and continuing the Iran-Iraq
            War Said Tehran wanted to overthrow the Iraqi govt
2001 Ahmed Chalabi said Iraq and Al Qaeda linked since 1990s and wanted to use
            bin Laden against US
2003 Insurgents fired 3 rockets at Rashid Hotel in Baghdad
2006 Joint Chiefs created Council of Colonels that would in part review Iraq strategy
2007 Anbar sheikhs met with PM Maliki asked that Anbar Salvation Council replace Anbar
            provincial council
2012 ISI attacked Tikrit prison with car bombs mortars suicide bombers & released 100

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

What’s Next For Kurdistan After The Referendum?

September 25, 2017, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) held a historic referendum asking voters whether they wanted Kurdistan and the disputed territories to become an independent state. Since it was a non-binding resolution, the election was more symbolic than anything else. Now that it’s over there is the important questions of what’s next. Kurdish officials have said they want to begin negotiations with Baghdad about seceding. There are several problems with that. First, there is no unity within the Kurdish parties on how to proceed. Second, the Kurdish authorities have angered the Arab parties so much they are uninterested in any talks, and are seeking retaliation instead. Third, the referendum didn’t have the backing of the international community to legitimize it because of the ad hoc way it was put together. Finally, the Kurds will have to gain the backing of the regional countries to become independent as well. All together that puts a daunting set of barriers for the KRG to move forward on its dreams.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 26

1980 Iran and Iraq temporarily stopped oil shipments due to attacks on each
            others’ facilities
1980 Saddam letter to UN Said Iran refused to recognize Iraqi territory and sovereignty
            to explain war
1980 Muslim countries created committee to try to mediate Iran-Iraq War
1981 Iranian forces encircled Iraqi forces around Abadan breaking siege 600-1500
            Iraqis killed 2500 captured 3000 Iranian dead
1981 International Atomic Energy Agency condemned Israel’s destruction of Osirak
            nuclear reactor & suspended aid to Israel
2001 Bush told Rumsfeld to review military plans against Iraq
2002 Bush told Congressmen Iraq had WMD and building facilities to make more
2002 Powell told Senate Foreign Relations Comm about Iraq-Niger uranium deal was
            proof had nuke program
2002 Rumsfeld said Iraq had active WMD programs
2002 Rumsfeld said bulletproof confirmation of ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda
2002 Powell told Senate Iraq tried to buy aluminum tubes for nuke program
2002 Pentagon and intel officials questioned White House claims of Iraq-Al Qaeda
            ties in the press
2004 Iraqi National Guard commander in Diyala arrested by US for ties to insurgency
2005 NSC report on Iraq Security better but insurgents adapting Not enough US troops
            PM Jaafari not doing well
2006 NSC report Interior Ministry carrying out extra judicial killings

Monday, September 25, 2017

Musings On Iraq In The News

I was quoted by Paul Iddon in “New conflict over Kirkuk could follow ISIS removal from Hawija” for Rudaw.I was also cited in "'Islamic country' Sinjar situation after the war, Iraq's challenges over governance" by Akiko Yoshioka for the Institute of Energy Economics.

Another Pause In Anbar Campaign While Iraqi Forces Push On Hawija

The west Anbar campaign was on pause once again. The routine has been for the Iraqi forces to take a town, and then spend time to clear it and the surrounding roads and highways of explosives. That is going on now. The Islamic State also executed its governor for Ana and 27 of his followers accusing them of fleeing the battle. Next up for the joint forces are Rawa and Qaim in northwest Anbar, and then to sweep down the border region.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 25

1921 Gertrude Bell wrote King Faisal was unpopular and resented for being
            Installed by the British
1931 Iraqi newspaper called for one party rule under an autocrat King Faisal
1980 Iraq began attacking Dezful Ahvaz Khorramshahr in Khuzistan province
1980 Iraq shelled Abadan refinery largest in world Iran retaliated Air raids
            on Iraqi oil facilities in Basra Zubayr Mosul Kirkuk
1997 Op Dawn Turkey invaded Kurdistan to attack PUK and PKK
1997 UN inspectors caught Iraqis trying to flee food factory with suitcases of docs
            on making WMD
1997 UN inspectors attempted to inspect Special Security Office but denied
2002 Bush said couldn't distinguish between Al Qaeda and Saddam in war on terror
because they were equally evil
2002 Rice said there had been important contacts between Iraq and Al Qaeda
2002 DefSec Rumsfeld and CIA DepDir McLaughlin briefed NATO defense ministers
            on Iraq-Al Qaeda ties
2002 US & UK worked on draft UN resolution demanding inspectors return to Iraq
2003 Bush said 9/11 changed how he viewed Iraq as a threat to US
2003 Powell announced 6 month deadline for Iraqis to draft new constitution
2003 House Intel Comm wrote letter to CIA Dir Tenet criticizing pre-war intel on Iraq’s
            WMD and Iraq-Al Qaeda ties after review
2003 Aqila al-Hashemi of Iraqi Governing Council died of wounds from an ambush
            in Baghdad
2003 Baghdad hotel used as base for NBC News bombed 1 guard killed
2007 ISI bombed meeting of police sheikhs and leaders of Hamas of Iraq and 1920
            Revolution Brigades in Baquba

Sunday, September 24, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 24

1978 In Iran-Iraq deal Iraqi troops surround Imam Khomeini’s house in Najaf
            Told he could only stay in Iraq if abandoned politics
1979 Iraq warned Iran to not to interfere in Bahrain after Ayatollah Rohani
called on Shiites to rise up against their Sunni rulers
1980 Iranian Navy attacked Basra and Fao Peninsula Destroyed 2 oil terminals limited
            Iraq’s exports
1980 Iran started naval blockade of Shatt al-Arab, Basra
1990 Kurd, Shiite and Communist opposition parties claimed united front against
1991 UN Inspectors found over 53,000 documents at Atheer facility but were held
            for 4 days by Iraqis until could leave
2001 William Safire op ed said clear link between Iraq-Al Qaeda via Ansar al-Islam
2002 UK dossier on Iraq WMD released Blair told parliament that Iraq had WMD and
            it was producing them
2002 UK dossier said that Iraq could use WMD in 45 minutes
2002 UK dossier said Iraq could build a nuclear bomb in 2 years Iraq tried to buy
            uranium from Africa
2002 UK dossier said no definitive intelligence that aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy
            were for nuke program
2002 UK ForSec Cook was surprised dossier on Iraq was mostly old WMD material
2002 CIA Dir Tenet briefed Senate Foreign Relations Committee on intel on Iraq’s
2002 CIA Dir Tenet told Sen For Rel Comm Iraq rebuilding its nuclear
            program Proof bought aluminum tubes Niger uranium deal
2003 Bremer met Bush said he was optimistic about Iraq but concerned about growing
2003 Bremer met Bush complained about Congress number of US troops quality of
            intel training new Iraqi forces
2003 Bush told Bremer he was too controlling and doing too much Bremer said he
            would work on it
2003 CPA Governor of Anbar Mines warned that attacks and public anger at US
2004 Bush and Blair talked about staying course in Iraq and Allawi needing a
            professional staff
2004 Report Defense Science Board review found US didn’t have enough troops
            to stabilize Iraq
2008 Provincial Election Law passed allowing vote on Jan 31, 2009

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Shirqat Freed, Clearing In Anbar, Hawija In the Offing

The multi-front campaign to rid Iraq of the last bastions of the Islamic State made more progress. Shirqat in northern Salahaddin was freed, the Iraqi forces were clearing the latest gains in Anbar, while Hawija was pending.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 23

1955 Iran joined Iraq, England, Turkey security agreement Would become
            anti-Communist Baghdad Pact
1961 KDP banned by Gen Qasim and several leaders arrested due to Mustafa Barzani’s
Kurdish revolt
1986 Iran ended Op Karbala 3 in Fao Peninsula and Majnoon Island
1986 Soviet For Min Shevardnadze told UN that USSR was attempting to negotiate
            end to Iran-Iraq War
1989 Kuwait Emir given medal by Saddam in Baghdad for help during Iran-Iraq
1991 UN inspectors found 4 lockers full of secret nuclear documents in Baghdad
            facility but were seized by Iraqi army
2001 Rice told CNN Iraq would be stage two of war on terror
2002 Blair told cabinet Iraq dossier would show Iraq expanding WMD capabilities
            and erosion of sanctions one cause
2002 Educ Sec Morris asked Blair what had changed about Iraq to go to war other than
            Bush being elected
2002 Inst for Science & Intl Security argued against US claim that aluminum tubes Iraq
            tried to buy were for nuke weapons program
2003 Bush speech at UN said Iraq was frontline in war on terror
2003 Fr Pres Chirac & UN Sec Gen Annan speeches at UN criticized Iraq war saying
            US undermined international system 
2003 Gallup pol majority of Iraqis thought life would be better in 5 years 2/3 of
            Baghdadis said removing Saddam was worth hardships
2003 Iraqi Governing Council member Aqila Hashemi died after being shot 3 days
            before outside her home
2004 Allawi visited White House asking for more reconstruction money and bringing
            back old army units
2006 Army chief of staff called Gen Petraeus to review Iraq policy
2006 DefPolicyBoard member Adelman told Rumsfeld he was a failure as SecDef and never
            took responsibility for Iraq
2007 ISI accused Hamas of Iraq and 1920 Revolution Brigades of killing its members
2016 Sunni tribal Hashd began destroyed 220 homes in Aithah Salahaddin belonging
            to IS sympathizers

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ana Freed In Anbar Whilte Shirqat And Hawija Attacked

The much awaited multi-pronged offensive to free the last Islamic State bastions within Iraq started. The West Anbar campaign took its first major town, Ana along the Euphrates River. Shirqat in northern Salahaddin was also attacked along with neighboring Hawija in southern Kirkuk.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 22

1980 Iraq invaded Iran starting Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iraq wanted to protect Kirkuk and Baghdad while seizing Khuzistan province in
            south Iran
1980 Iraq started war bombing 10 Iranian airfields hoping to wipe out air force but
1980 Iraqi army crossed into Iran along 8 routes
1980 Iraqi army moved on Pankwin Iranian Kurdistan to protect Sulaymaniya and
1980 Iraq division seized Qasr-e-Shirin, Iran to block road to Baghdad
1980 Iraqi division took Meghan and reached Zagros Mts to protect flank of southern
            thrust into Iran
1980 4 Iraqi divisions attacked Khuzistan province taking Musian and moving on
            Dezful Ahvaz Shatt al-Arab Khormashahr Abadan
1980 Iraq declared Khuzistan a new Iraq province
1980 UK Defense Committee discussed how to start selling weapons to Iraq
1981 Iran began Operation Samen ol Aemeh to break siege of Abadan Iran’s 2nd largest
1987 Iranian speech at UN rejected UN ceasefire talks
1988 Pres Khomeini addressed UN condemning it for not doing anything about
            Iraq’s aggression during war
2001 Telegraph story claiming Iraq was funding Al Qaeda Quoted CIA and Israeli
2002 Rice said UN sanctions were failing and Iraq using illegal revenues to develop WMD
2003 Zarqawi bombed Canal Hotel Baghdad 2 dead 19 wounded
2003 Bombing of UN compound led to unanimous decision to evacuate UN
            staff from Iraq
2003 Bremer testified to Congress asking for approval of $87 bil in aid for Iraq
2003 Report Iraqi Governing Council members were going to tell Congress US
            reconstruction money being wasted
2004 2 suicide car bombs in Baghdad killed 21 wounded 150
2006 Ret Gen Keane told Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace he was failing and his only
            priority should be winning in Iraq
2006 Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace agreed to set up staff to go over Iraq strategy after
            talking with Ret Gen Keane
2006 Ret Gen Keane suggested Gen Petraeus should be new US Iraq Cmdr to Joint
            Chiefs head Gen Pace
2008 Wasit council headed by SIIC refused to set up Tribal Support Councils because
            seen as tools of Maliki
2016 Parliament dismissed Finance Minister Zebari on corruption charges led by
            Maliki and Reform Front

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Iraqi Forces Continue To Advance In Anbar While Preparing For Shirqat And Hawija

As the west Anbar campaign continues the Iraqi forces are preparing to take on Shirqat in Salahaddin as well as Hawija in south Kirkuk.

This Day In Iraq History – Sep 21

1965 Abdul al-Bazzaz became premier
1968 Provisional constitution drafted by three jurists and presented to Pres. Bakr
            Included return of parliament
1980 Iraq letter to UN outlined steps it took to try to work out outstanding issues with
            new revolutionary govt in Iran
2001 1st CIA report on Iraq and 9/11 found no connection but two had contacts
            in 1990s Bush was briefed on findings
2001 CIA report said didn’t think 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraq intel officer in
            Prague in 2001
2001 CIA Dir Tenet told Bush CIA Czech office questioned 9/11 hijacker Atta met
            Iraqi intel officer in Prague
2001 DIA analyst Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans on CIA report Said info good but
findings of no Iraq-Al Qaeda ties should be ignored
2001 Under Sec of Def Feith sent DIA analysis of CIA report to Wolfowitz and
2001 Admin officials told Wash Times Saddam talked with bin Laden just before 9/11
2001 Iraqi defector claimed Iraq was training terrorists to take over airplanes at Salman
            Pak, Baghdad
2003 French Pres Chirac called for US to immediately hand over sovereignty to Iraqis
2003 Report mid to low level Baathists being assassinated in Baghdad
2003 Iraqi Governing Council said they were under increasing attack after 1 number
            ambushed and shot in Baghdad
2004 US civilian Jack Hensley beheaded by Al Qaeda in Iraq
2014 IS captured Saqlawiya and Sjar, Anbar

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rihana Latest Town Taken In Operation To Liberate West Anbar


After a short pause the Iraqi forces went back on the offensive in west Anbar. The town of Rihana was the latest one to be freed in the region. It is in the Ana district in northwest Anbar along the Euphrates River. Elements of the army’s 7th and 8th Divisions, along with the tribal Hashd were involved in the operation.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 20

1959 Gen Qasim executed several leaders of Mosul coup attempt
1980 Iran called up its military reserves Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1983 Iran threatened to close Persian Gulf if West and Gulf States continued to aid Iraq
1990 British intel report said lots of unknowns about Iraq’s ballistic missile program
1998 British intel report said Iraq probably still had biological weapons program
2001 During meeting on war on terror Blair asked Bush about Iraq who said it was not
            an immediate problem
2001 Blair told Bush they should take time to build up case against Iraq
2001 Undersec of Def Feith told Rumsfeld war on terror should be broad and Iraq
should be included
2001 Undersec of Def Douglas Feith complained about lack of good targets
            in Afghanistan and suggested bombing Iraq for 9/11
2001 Project for a New American Century in letter to Bush said Iraq might have
            supported 9/11 and Saddam had to be targeted in war on terror
2001 US intel officials told press they were looking into Iraq’s connections to 9/11
2001 Israeli intelligence said they thought Iraq connected to 9/11 Claimed Al Qaeda
            funded by Iraqi Intel Service
2001 US and UK jets bomb missile batteries in southern Iraq as part of No Fly Zones
2002 Pentagon set up planning group to deal with rebuilding Iraq’s oil industry after
2002 UK Def Min said it could provide forces for military action against Iraq
2002 Time article White House using unsubstantiated stories to make case of Iraq-Al
            Qaeda ties
2003 Ansar al-Sunnah formed
2003 Governing Council member Aqila Hashemi shot outside her home in Baghdad
            Would die 3 days later
2003 Funeral for SCIRI head Ayatollah Baqir al-Hakim turned into anti-US occupation
            demonstration in Najaf
2004 Zarqawi beheaded US civilian Eugene Armstrong
2006 US commander in Iraq Gen. Casey gave his support to Anbar Awakening
2006 Chief judge in Saddam’s trial removed by cabinet for saying Saddam was not a
2006 Intel report to Rumsfeld Iraq breaking up more Iraqi politicians stuck in
            ethnosectarian camps
2015 Human Rights Watch report on Hashd and Jabouri tribe destroying buildings in
Dour Albu Ajeel Alam Ali & part of Tikrit after Tikrit freed
2015 400-600 buildings destroyed in Dour 75 in Albu Ajeel 45 in Alam
            28 in Ali over 200 in Tikrit’s Qadisiyah

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Security In Iraq Sep 8-14, 2017

Violence in Iraq remained at a very low level for the second week of September 2017. There were few reported security incidents, but casualties were very high due to a large car bombing in southern Iraq, and bodies being recovered from the rubble in Mosul.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 19

1929 Abd Sadoun became premier for 4th time
1936 UK officials met Nuri al-Said in Paris to discuss him mediating Palestine dispute
            Turned out he just wanted to promote Iraq
1980 Iran began heavy shelling of Shatt al-Arab, Basra and attacked ships in
            waterway precursor to Iran-Iraq War
1983 Iran said if major powers kept backing Iraq they would have oil cut off to them
1991 UN Resolution 712 offered oil for food program again Iraq rejected 2nd time
1996 CIA Dir Deutch told Senate Intel Comm Saddam was in stronger position then
            he was before
2001 Iraq intel paper said Afghan source claimed bin Laden Taliban and Iraq worked
            together to target America Never confirmed
2001 Bush asked CIA Dir Tenet to look into Iraq-Al Qaeda ties and said VP Cheney
            had info on links
2001 Dep Sec of Def Wolfowitz sent ex-CIA Dir Woolsey to England to look into
            Iraq 9/11 & 1993 World Trade Center connections
2001 Chalabi told Pentagon’s Def Policy Board they should invade Iraq not
2002 Pentagon’s Def Policy Board met arguing for removing Saddam
2002 Saddam sent letter to UN saying it had no WMD or nuclear weapons
2002 Rumsfeld told Senate that UN weapons inspections were weak and weren’t going
            to find anything
2002 US said Iraq didn’t mention trying to buy uranium from Niger in its UN
2002 Powell told House committee there was debate about Iraq’s intent on buying
aluminum tubes but Saddam trying to get nuke technology
2002 New intel said Iraq might have offered training to Al Qaeda and safe
            haven to bin Laden in 1990s
2003 CPA issued new rules for banking in Iraq to reform finances and to open up
            country to foreign investment
2003 Saddam’s Def Min Gen Hashim Ahmad surrendered to US in Kirkuk after
2004 Blair said Iraq was center of global war on terror
2005 Militia controlled police arrest 2 British soldiers leading to rescue mission by
            British forces that ended in gun battle with Mahdi Army
2006 US commander in Ramadi got Marine division commander in Anbar to back
2006 Fmr Vice Army chief of staff Ret Gen Keane told Rumsfeld US close to
            strategic failure in Iraq
2006 Ret Gen Keane told Rumsfeld US strategy was to withdraw not defeat
2006 Ret Gen Keane told Rumsfeld US needed more troops in Iraq to protect
            population otherwise change impossible
2006 Pres Talabani told Bush security problem was US not arming ISF sufficiently and
            needed less US troops in Iraq
2014 France carried out first air strikes against IS hitting Zummar, Ninewa

Monday, September 18, 2017

West Anbar Operation To Proceed in Stages

Unlike previous government campaigns against the Islamic State the west Anbar operation will be conducted in stages. The first, was the taking of Akashat, which occurred over the weekend. The Iraqi forces will move on the Iraq-Syrian border and a number of other towns before taking Rawa, Qaim and Ana, the ultimate goals.

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 18

1916 British leaders told troops to continue advance in Mesopotamia vs
            Ottomans after huge loss at Kut
1950 PM Said threatened to expel Jews from Iraq
1990 Iraq Army Chief of Staff Gen Khazraji told Saddam Iraq would lose any war
            with US
2001 Richard Clarke’s counterterrorism office sent Rice memo saying no Iraq-9/11
            links found
2001 DepDefSec Wolfowitz wrote Rumsfeld that Iraq backed terrorists and might
            have been behind 1993 World Trade Center bombing
2001 Reuters reported 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraqi intelligence in Europe Story
            was false
2002 Rumsfeld told House committee Iraq was close to acquiring materials to build a
            nuclear bomb
2003 Head weapons inspector Blix said he believed Iraq destroyed its WMD in 90s
2003 Report wave of kidnappings for ransom across Baghdad
2005 Iraq draft constitution presented to UN
2012 Cabinet approved new oil export-revenue sharing deal with KRG
2015 Protests in Baghdad Babil Karbala Najaf Qadisiyah Muthanna Dhi Qar Wasit
            Maysan Basra Diyala over reforms

Musings On Iraq In The News

The Carnegie Middle East Center’s piece on whether Iraq and Saudi Arabia are improving relations, which I contributed to, was re-printed by the Lebanese Center for Research and Consulting.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 17

1953 Mohammed al-Jamali became premier
1975 Iran and Iraq ratified border treaty between two
1980 Saddam TV speech Said Iran violated 1975 Algiers Treaty Backings Kurds
            Refused to return Iraqi territory Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Saddam abrogated 1949 Treaty of Good Relations & 1974 Algiers Treaty with
            Iran Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Saddam claimed Iraq had sovereignty of Shatt al-Arab waterway in Basra
            Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Heavy fighting broke out between Iraqi and Iranian forces Shatt al-Arab Lead
            up to Iran-Iraq War
1995 SCIRI claimed it attacked 3 Iraqi army positions in Baghdad in September
1997 UN inspectors watched Iraqis moving files and burning documents while waiting
            for access to a WMD site
1998 Italian paper claimed Iraq offered bin Laden safehaven if he was expelled from
2001 Bush said he believed Iraq was involved in 9/11 to his national security staff
2001 Bush signed paper directing military to make plans for invading Iraq
2001 Bush told Pentagon it needed to be ready to deal with Iraq if it acted against
            US interests
2001 Dep Sec of Def Wolfwotiz sent memos to Rumsfeld advocating for attacking
2001 Sen Allen told CNN US might think of regime change in Iraq
2002 National Security Strategy for Bush admin released Called for preemptive war to
            deal with rogue states
2003 Bush said no evidence Iraq involved in 9/11 but Iraq had ties to Al Qaeda
2003 Saddam audio tape released on Al Arabiya called for US to withdraw from Iraq
            and to increase attacks
2004 British forces raid Sadrist headquarters in Basra
2004 Draft of Iraq Survey Group report said Saddam wanted to produce WMD but
            had no stocks or programs
2004 Draft Iraq Survey Group report said only WMD Iraq had were poisons for
            assassinations by Iraqi intelligence
2006 Anbar Salvation Council issued ultimatum for Al Qaeda in Iraq to leave Anbar
2008 SIIC accused Maliki of creating Tribal Support Councils to bolster his support

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This Day In Iraqi History - May 26 Jamil Midfai led Al-Ahd forces to attack Tal Afar in attempt to start revolt vs UK Mandate in Iraq

  1915 US consulate report Discontent in Baghdad against draft for war growing UK tried to bribe tribes south of Baghdad...