Sunday, September 3, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 3

1958 Qasim govt gave amnesty to Kurdish rebels
1986 Iran started Op Karbala 2 attacking Fao Peninsula Built bridge across Shatt al-Arab Didn’t gain 
1996 2nd day of US cruise missile strikes on Iraq for Saddam helping KDP vs PUK and invading Irbil
1997 UK intel report said Iraq was still hiding parts of its biological weapons program
2002 Blair press conference said Saddam threat because of WMD that had to be dealt with
2003 1st post-Saddam Iraq cabinet sworn in with 17 new ministers
2003 US forces gave southern and central Iraq security to Multi-National Force under Polish 
2003 CPA Order 28 created Iraqi Civil Defense Corps as separate from police and army but would 
           be folded into ISF later
2003 EU Japan US World Bank agreed to create trust fund for reconstruction funds for Iraq 
           independent of CPA
2006 US Dep Iraq Cmdr Gen Chiarelli told Iraq Survey Group US needed reconciliation and 
          political not military solution
2006 US Cmdr training ISF Gen Dempsey told Iraq Survey Group needed reconciliation otherwise 
          training useless
2007 Baghdad took control of Basra Palace as British troops withdrew from central Basra
2007 Bush made surprise visit to Anbar to meet with Sheikh Abu Risha of Awakening

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