Thursday, September 7, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 7

1980 Saddam claimed full sovereignty over Shatt al-Arab waterway Precursor
            to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iraq officially protested Iran shelling border towns Seized Zain al-Qas in
1983 US-Iraq began high level diplomatic talks to restore full relations Iraq asked US
            for help to end Iran-Iraq War
1990 Emir of Kuwait agreed to pay $15 bil to help pay for military operations in Saudi
            Arabia to protect it from Iraq
1994 CIA estimate d that over 100,000 driven out of marshes in Maysan by military campaign
1996 Iraq submitted declaration on nuclear program Inspectors thought Iraq was hiding
2002 Blair and Bush met and decided on new UN resolution demanding new
inspections in Iraq
2002 Blair told Bush they should seek 2 UN resolutions 1 for inspectors 2nd for if
            Iraq didn’t comply
2002 Blair said that UK would take part in any military action against Iraq
2002 Powell brought up his concerns about size of Iraq invasion force at NSC
2002 Bush & Blair press conference Both said IAEA found Iraq had nuclear program
            and was 6 months away from getting a bomb
2002 Bush and Blair were referring to 1996 IAEA report during UN inspections not
            new one
2003 Bush press conference said Iraq central front in the war on terror
2003 Bush speech said invasion of Iraq was to spread democracy and transform
            Middle East
2003 Bush announced $18.4 bil for reconstructing Iraq
2003 Bush admitted that hundreds to thousands of foreign fighters had entered Iraq
            to carry out attacks
2004 Number of US troops killed in Iraq reached 1,000
2006 New Al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Hamzah al-Muhajir released 1st statement
            Called for each member to kill an American
2014 Anbar’s Governor Dulaimi seriously wounded by mortar fire in Barwana

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