Friday, September 29, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 29

1915 British forces took Kut, Wasit from Ottomans
1917 2nd Battle of Ramadi ended with Ottomans losing city to British
1981 Iran retook Abadan, 2nd largest city in Iran, inflicted 2,100 casualties on Iraqis
1986 Heavy Iraqi air strikes on Kharg Island Iraq oil terminal
1998 Iraq Liberation Act introduced into Congress
2001 Sec of Def Rumsfeld ordered review of all existing Iraq war plans
2003 Islamic Army of Iraq founded
2005 Balad bombing killed 95
2005 NY Times reporter Miller told grand jury VP Cheney’s chief of staff Libby told
            her fmr Amb Wilson’s wife was a CIA agent
2005 Gen Abizaid and Gen Casey told Congress number of Iraq army battalions that
            could operate independently dropped from 3 to 1
2006 British launched Op Sinbad against militias in Basra

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