Friday, September 8, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 8

1933 King Faisal I died
1980 Iraq demanded Iran surrender frontier towns that Iraq claimed
1985 Iran attacked Rawandoz, Kurdistan Iran-Iraq War with KDP seizing large
            amount of land
1988 US accused Iraq of using poison gas against Kurds during Anfal
1994 UK intel report said that it didn’t think Iraq had declared all of its chemical
2002 Day 1 of White House PR campaign about Iraq WMD and nuclear threat
2002 NYT article quoted Iraqi defector saying Iraq renewed WMD program Had large
2002 NYTimes article quoted 2nd Iraqi defectors Said Saddam wanted to restart nuke
2002 Bush admin leaked story to NYTimes that Iraq was trying to buy aluminum tubes
            for centrifuges for nuke program
2002 Rice and Cheney went on TV repeating claim Iraq rebuilding nuke program Used
            aluminum tubes as proof
2002 Rumsfeld Powell Joint Chiefs head Gen Myers all appeared on talk shows
            promoting Iraq as a threat due to WMD and nuke program
2002 1st time admin official said proof of Iraq’s nuke program “may be a mushroom
            cloud” that would be repeated by others later on
2003 Iraq constitutional commission endorsed general elections for new constitution
2003 Bremer OpEd in Wash Post Iraq had to go through 7 steps taking 2-3 yrs for Iraq
            to regain sovereignty
2003 UK Def Min Hoon said Britain would send 1000 more troops to Iraq to help with
2011 Gunmen killed radio personality Hadi Mahdi after he posted on Facebook that he
            was receiving threats from pro-Maliki loyalists for supporting protests
2014 Haidar al-Abadi became new Iraq premier 

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