Friday, September 22, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 22

1980 Iraq invaded Iran starting Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iraq wanted to protect Kirkuk and Baghdad while seizing Khuzistan province in
            south Iran
1980 Iraq started war bombing 10 Iranian airfields hoping to wipe out air force but
1980 Iraqi army crossed into Iran along 8 routes
1980 Iraqi army moved on Pankwin Iranian Kurdistan to protect Sulaymaniya and
1980 Iraq division seized Qasr-e-Shirin, Iran to block road to Baghdad
1980 Iraqi division took Meghan and reached Zagros Mts to protect flank of southern
            thrust into Iran
1980 4 Iraqi divisions attacked Khuzistan province taking Musian and moving on
            Dezful Ahvaz Shatt al-Arab Khormashahr Abadan
1980 Iraq declared Khuzistan a new Iraq province
1980 UK Defense Committee discussed how to start selling weapons to Iraq
1981 Iran began Operation Samen ol Aemeh to break siege of Abadan Iran’s 2nd largest
1987 Iranian speech at UN rejected UN ceasefire talks
1988 Pres Khomeini addressed UN condemning it for not doing anything about
            Iraq’s aggression during war
2001 Telegraph story claiming Iraq was funding Al Qaeda Quoted CIA and Israeli
2002 Rice said UN sanctions were failing and Iraq using illegal revenues to develop WMD
2003 Zarqawi bombed Canal Hotel Baghdad 2 dead 19 wounded
2003 Bombing of UN compound led to unanimous decision to evacuate UN
            staff from Iraq
2003 Bremer testified to Congress asking for approval of $87 bil in aid for Iraq
2003 Report Iraqi Governing Council members were going to tell Congress US
            reconstruction money being wasted
2004 2 suicide car bombs in Baghdad killed 21 wounded 150
2006 Ret Gen Keane told Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace he was failing and his only
            priority should be winning in Iraq
2006 Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace agreed to set up staff to go over Iraq strategy after
            talking with Ret Gen Keane
2006 Ret Gen Keane suggested Gen Petraeus should be new US Iraq Cmdr to Joint
            Chiefs head Gen Pace
2008 Wasit council headed by SIIC refused to set up Tribal Support Councils because
            seen as tools of Maliki
2016 Parliament dismissed Finance Minister Zebari on corruption charges led by
            Maliki and Reform Front

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