Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 26

1980 Iran and Iraq temporarily stopped oil shipments due to attacks on each
            others’ facilities
1980 Saddam letter to UN Said Iran refused to recognize Iraqi territory and sovereignty
            to explain war
1980 Muslim countries created committee to try to mediate Iran-Iraq War
1981 Iranian forces encircled Iraqi forces around Abadan breaking siege 600-1500
            Iraqis killed 2500 captured 3000 Iranian dead
1981 International Atomic Energy Agency condemned Israel’s destruction of Osirak
            nuclear reactor & suspended aid to Israel
2001 Bush told Rumsfeld to review military plans against Iraq
2002 Bush told Congressmen Iraq had WMD and building facilities to make more
2002 Powell told Senate Foreign Relations Comm about Iraq-Niger uranium deal was
            proof had nuke program
2002 Rumsfeld said Iraq had active WMD programs
2002 Rumsfeld said bulletproof confirmation of ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda
2002 Powell told Senate Iraq tried to buy aluminum tubes for nuke program
2002 Pentagon and intel officials questioned White House claims of Iraq-Al Qaeda
            ties in the press
2004 Iraqi National Guard commander in Diyala arrested by US for ties to insurgency
2005 NSC report on Iraq Security better but insurgents adapting Not enough US troops
            PM Jaafari not doing well
2006 NSC report Interior Ministry carrying out extra judicial killings

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