Sunday, December 31, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 31

1981 End of 1st yr of Iran-Iraq War 22,000 Iraqi 38,000 Iranian dead
2002 UN inspector told press they were finding no evidence of Iraq’s WMD and
            Western intel providing nothing substantive
2003 Bush said couldn’t tell whether Iraq had a nuclear weapon or not
2003 Car bomb at Baghdad restaurant killed 8 wounded 30
2007 Deadline to hold referendum on future of disputed territories under Constitution’s
            Article 140 passed
2007 Deadline for committee to revise Iraqi constitution missed Was 4th time delayed
            Never finished job
2011 US withdrew forces from Iraq
2011 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq and Sadrists get into gunfight in Sadr City and Kadhimiya,
2013 Anbar council negotiated withdrawal of 2 ISF units from Ramadi to try to
            control protests and fighting
2013 Maliki said he would withdraw ISF from cities in Anbar after closed protest
            sites leading to fighting
2013 Speaker Nujafi announced Mutahidun withdrawing from govt to protest
            Maliki shutting down Ramadi protest site
2013 10 houses in Babil’s Jurf al-Sakhr blown up by ISI forcing 84 families to flee

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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Security In Iraq, Dec 22-28, 2017

Attacks were up in the third week of December in Iraq, but that was after hitting a yearly low the week before. The rise in violence was largely due to incidents in Kirkuk and Baghdad. Casualties remained low however.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 30

2002 UK Foreign Sec Straw and Sec of State Powell thought UN inspections would
            not provide smoking gun against Iraq so alternatives needed
2002 UN inspectors said they had gone to all major suspected WMD sites and
            found nothing
2002 Report Reagan admin and its Middle East envoy Rumsfeld did nothing while
            Iraq used WMD in Iran-Iraq War
2003 White House meeting on what to do about Governing Council going to UN
            to ask them with help to transition to sovereignty
2003 White House decided they would try to block any UN plans for Iraq because
            wanted to keep control of process
2003 White House meeting then turned to security Cheney said he wanted to
            eliminate Sadr
2005 Oil Min Uloom put on leave after opposing govt plan to increase prices on gas and
            cooking oil Replaced by Dep PM Chalabi
2005 South Korea’s parliament okayed plan to withdraw 1/3 of its forces from Iraq
            Korea had 3rd largest Coalition force in Iraq
2006 Iraqi govt hanged Saddam Hussein while Sadrists taped it and chanted Moqtada
2006 Naqshibandi insurgent group formed
2013 Anbar sheikhs gave govt 12 hour ultimatum to release PM Alwani
2013 Maliki shut down Ramadi and Fallujah protest camps Led to call to arms in city
            in protest and gunfire
2013 Gunmen appeared in Fallujah after protest site there closed setting up checkpoints
            and fighting with ISF
2013 Maliki used death of army's 7th Div cmdr to shut down Anbar protest sites helping
            insurgency’s re-birth

Friday, December 29, 2017

Maliki-KDP Reconciliation In Iraq

Vice President Nouri al-Maliki and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) were once the worst of enemies, and now they are making up. They both are angry at Prime Minister Haidar Abadi, which is bringing the two sides together. This is another sign of the short sighted thinking of much of Iraq’s political class.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 29

1979 U.S. placed Iraq on list of State Sponsors of Terrorism for backing
Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal
1981 Syria said it would start talks with Iran to try to end Iran-Iraq War
1990 Joint Chief head Gen Powell told CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Schwarzkopf to be
            ready to start Gulf War by 1/17/91
1996 Dawa announced campaign to assassinate top Iraqi officials
2002 US Senate authorized war against Iraq
2003 Iraqi Governing Council voted to replace family laws with sharia
2004 Insurgent safehouse blows up in Baghdad killing 28
2005 Zarqawi took responsibility for rocket attack on Israel Said he was fulfilling
            promise to bin Laden
2005 US military found 3 more secret prisons run by Badr within the Interior
            Ministry where torture used
2013 Head of Anbar council called for end of Ramadi protests in exchange for
            govt releasing MP Alwani

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Test Of Wills Islamic State Rebuilding Vs Iraqi Government Policing

The Islamic State is currently in a transition phase. It has been defeated on the battlefield and is switching back to an insurgency while trying to rebuild its cadres. The U.S. led Coalition recently said that it only numbered around 1,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria, a fraction of the amount it had just a year ago. In September and October the militant’s newsletter Al-Naba talked about no longer engaging in coventional battles as the group was suffering heavy losses and facing Coalition air strikes. It now has to not only get new followers, but set up networks, and find financing now that it no longer holds any territory in Iraq.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 28

1998 U.S. began attacks upon Iraqi air defense system in north
1998 Italian paper claimed Saddam and bin Laden made pact to act against US and
            Iraq offered Saddam safe haven
2001 Gen Franks presented Bush with latest version of Iraq war plan
2001 Gen Franks’ plan included 7 lines of operation that could be used independently
            or in conjunction and 9 parts of Iraq that could be targeted
2001 Gen Franks wanted to start building up US forces in Gulf and information
            campaigns immediately
2001 Gen Franks said that US would be ready for war with Iraq by April to June 2002
2001 Gen Frans also wanted US to start working with Iraqi opposition inside Iraq
2001 CIA Dir Tenet said Iraqi opposition wouldn't work with US without seeing
            strong commitment from Washington
2001 Bush asked Franks if plan good enough to win Franks said yes with some work
2001 Bush ordered State and Defense Depts to start building up support amongst
            regional countries for Iraq invasion
2001 Richard Perle of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board OpEd in NY Times said US
            had to attack Iraq
2002 Report NSC Sr Dir Near East Abrams drafted plan for US to seize control
            of Iraq’s southern oil fields
2003 Iraqi Governing Council wrote letter to UN about CPA’s plans to hold caucuses
            instead of elections for new Iraq parliament
2005 UN endorsed December elections for a permanent Iraqi parliament
2006 NSC agreed that Petraeus would be new Iraq commander for Surge
2010 PM Maliki said no changes would be made to the SOFA agreement with the US
            and all its troops would leave Iraq
2013 Speaker Nujafi said arrest of PM Alwani illegal due to parliamentary
            immunity Called for investigation
2013 Speaker Nujafi’s parliamentary investigative group into arrest of PM Alwani
            blocked from entering Anbar by ISF
2013 Curfew imposed in Ramadi
2015 Iraqi forces freed Ramadi
2016 Last bridge crossing Tigris in Mosul destroyed by Coalition airstrike to prevent
            IS retreating from eastern to western section of city

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 27

1945 Regent of Iraq promised political parties, new election law in political
            reform package
1990 100 congressmen asked Bush to give Iraq sanctions chance to work
1993 State Dept accused Iraq of indiscriminate shelling/bombing burning villages
            and executions in southern marshes
2001 Gen Franks briefed Rumsfled on war planning
2003 Attacks on govt buildings and foreign troop bases in Karbala killed 19 wounded
2004 Al Jazeera aired bin Laden tape calling Zarqawi the prince of Al Qaeda in Iraq
2004 Iraqi Islamic Party withdrew from January 2005 election saying violence made
            vote impossible
2005 Al Qaeda in Iraq fired 2 rockets from south Lebanon into Israel
2005 Kurdish Col in army’s 2nd Div in Ninewa said unit would not allow Def Min to
            add Arab soldiers to division
2009 Barzani held meeting to create Peshmerga Ministry in attempt to unify KDP and
            PUK’s forces
2011 Salahaddin council voted to turn province into a federal region Blocked by
2012 Protest in Mosul called for Iraqi forces to withdraw from city after arbitrary arrests
2012 Tribal delegation from Basra joined Ramadi protest
2013 Ansar al Sunna claimed ISI killed 40 of its members in inter-insurgent fighting
2013 Iraqi forces tightened security around Ramadi protest site searching people coming
            and going
2013 Army vehicle attacked near Ramadi protest site Blamed on ISI
2013 Maliki said was last time would be Friday prayers at Ramadi protest site
            Demanded tribes end protest
2013 Pro-Maliki Sheikh Hayes said Ramadi base for Al Qaeda
2013 Several sheikhs warned govt about closing down Ramadi protest site
2015 IS head Baghdadi released message US afraid to fight IS and Islam destined
            to rule world until judgment day 

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Security In Iraq, Dec 15-21, 2017

The greatly improved security situation in Iraq continued into the third week of December 2017. There were the fewest recorded security incidents of the year. Casualties were high though due to two mass graves of victims of the Islamic State being discovered in Ninewa.

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 26

1961 Iraq announced it would reconsider diplomatic relations with any
            country that recognized Kuwait as independent country
1980 Saddam said frontline in war would be new border with Iran and demanded
            Tehran give self-rule to Arabs in southwestern Iran
1991 Syria invited Iraqi opposition parties to Damascus
2006 Appeals court upheld Saddam’s death sentence
2012 Fin Min Issawi addressed Ramadi protest camp condemning actions of
2013 Maliki ordered arrest of MP Alwani for taking part in protests Gun battle ensued
            killing Alwani’s brother and some of his bodyguards

Monday, December 25, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 25

1986 Iran’s Karbala 4 attack on Basra failed 8,000-10,000 casualties vs 3,000
            Iraqi ones
2005 Report US mismanaged developing Iraq’s electricity network Installed 26 natural
            gas turbines at 7 plants when Iraq didn’t have gas or infrastructure to support them
2006 British fought pro-militia police in Basra
2012 8,150 candidates registered for provincial elections
2013 Acting Def Min Dulaimi said govt would not shut down Ramadi protest site 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christians Celebrate Mass In Mosul For First Time In 3 Years

The Chaldean patriarch of Baghdad Luis Sako led church services at the Church of St. Paul in Mosul. This was the first time Christians had gathered in the city to celebrate Christmas since the Islamic State seized Mosul in 2014. Back in July 2014, the militants distributed flyers telling Christians they had to convert, pay a tax or be killed. The next day insurgents marked Christians houses in the city. The day after that, a second leaflet was issued telling them they had to obey the first order or leave. That led to the majority of the population fleeing. Since the Mosul campaign was completed the future of the community has been up in the air. Some are afraid to return to their homes, many want to stay in their new locations or leave Iraq overall. Still others are attempting to rebuild, which was seen in the service held in Mosul.

(Baghdad Today)

(Baghdad Today)

(Baghdad Today)


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This Day in Iraqi History - Dec 24

1938 Golden Square army colonels overthrew PM Jamil Midfai for trying to
            remove pan-Arab officers
1938 Coup backed by Nuri al-Said who became PM and Taha al-Hashimi who became
            Minister of Defense Rashid al-Gaylani became Chamberlain of Royal Office
1963 Arif govt promised to settle problems with foreign oil companies
1980 Iraq air forced bombed Iran’s main oil terminal at Kharg Island for 1st time
2002 Niger Premier said that his country did not try to sell uranium to Iraq
2002 UK Foreign Secretary Straw told Sec of State Powell a 2nd UN resolution was needed
            to gain UK political support and legal justification for war
2003 Report President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board found White House
            disregarded warnings by CIA about Iraq-Africa uranium story
2004 Rumsfeld told troops in Iraq insurgency could be defeated
2005 National Security Adv Rubaie met with Ayatollah Sistani Said Sistani rejected
            calls for revote due to complaints and violations
2005 National Security Adv Rubaie said Iraq would re-arrest Baathist officials just
            released by US
2005 Iraq court barred 90 candidates from election for Baathist ties
2013 Maliki ordered ISF to surround Ramadi protest site 

Saturday, December 23, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 23

1920 Iraq-Syria border set with Deir Ezzour going to latter
1983 Jordan gave Iraq $125 mil line of credit to help Baghdad in Iran-Iraq War
1986 Iran launched Op Karbala 4 attacking Basra Iraq warned beforehand by US
2004 UK intel did review of its 2002 reporting on Iraq’s WMD and said its
            assessments were all wrong
2005 IMF approved $685 mil loan for Iraq
2011 Maliki adviser said that Fin Min Issawi suspected of connections to terrorism
            Sadrists would not go along with his removal
2013 Sheikh Sulaiman said tribes would protect Ramadi protest site against Maliki govt 

Friday, December 22, 2017

New Wave Of Kurdistan Protests Harken Back To 2011

The Kurdistan region is facing a new wave of protests. This has happened off and on for months now. What is new is the intensity, size and destructiveness of the current round. This harkens back to 2011, when there were large scale demonstrations in Sulaymaniya. Both times people were calling for reforms of the political and economic systems. In 2011, the authorities eventually cracked down on the crowds and shut them down begging the question of whether that will happen again this year.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 22

1916 British forces began digging lines towards Ottomans defenses at Khadairi
2002 Iraq invited CIA into country to find its WMD
2005 Iraqi Islamic Party National Dialogue Front Iraqiya threatened to boycott new
            parliament Called elections fraudulent Demanded new vote
2006 Ret Gen Keane told NatlSecAdv Hadley US needed 5 brigade troop surge in
            Iraq not less or piecemeal
2010 Maliki’s second administration approved
2013 Maliki announced major military campaign in western Anbar desert region after
            IS killed leadership of 7th Div
2013 Anbar council said it would work with govt to fight ISI
2013 Maliki said Ramadi protest site base for IS and demanded it closed
2013 Ramadi protest sheikhs said Ramadi would take up arms against
            any forces trying to stop demonstrations
2014 Fmr Communications Minister Allawi acquitted of corruption charges for lack
            of evidence

Thursday, December 21, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 21

1956 Communist uprising in Al-Hay put down and leaders executed
1981 Kuwait and UAE agreed to loan Iraq $2 bil to help during Iran-Iraq War
1998 Russia France Germany called for ending sanctions on Iraq
1998 Report Iraq intel officer Hijazi met with bin Laden in Afghanistan and offered him
            asylum Wasn’t true
2001 UK Def Min Hoon asked ministry for plans for military action against Iraq
2002 Dep CIA Dir McLaughlin briefed Bush on intel on Iraq WMD Said Iraq had
            precursors and biological components
2002 CIA showed rocket engine test site that passed prescribed ranges
2002 CIA showed satellite photo of suspected clean up of chemical weapons spill
2002 CIA showed UAV flown 500km past UN limit of 150km
2002 CIA went over reports of Iraq having mobile WMD labs
2002 CIA played recording of 2 Republican Guard officers talking about removing nerve
2002 CIA said Saddam met with nuclear scientists talking about resuming their work
2002 Bush wasn’t impressed by CIA presentation CIA Dir Tenet said case was a “slam
2003 Massoud Barzani article said Kurds would take regional autonomy and nothing
            else in new Iraqi constitution
2004 Insurgents attacked US camp in Ninewa killing 24 including 19 US soldiers
            Wounded 60 Deadliest attack on US so far
2004 Insurgents released 2 French reporters they kidnapped 4 months ago
2004 Center for Strategic and Intl Studies report Iraqi forces wouldn’t be ready to
            operate independently until late 2006 at best
2005 Iraq Election Comm reported 10.9 mil of 15.6 mil voters participated in Dec 15
            elections Anbar vote went from 1% in Jan to 32% in Oct to 55% in Dec
2005 NSC presented 10 goals for new Iraqi govt to Bush Including competent
            ministers fighting corruption
2005 Commando from 1st Commando brigade based in Samarra said most of the unit was
            from Mahdi Army and didn’t respect their commander only Sadr
2006 US arrested Gen. Mohsen Chirazai commander of Quds Force’s Dept 600 Forced
            to release him under pressure from Maliki and Talabani
2010 Maliki finally put together new govt 9 months after elections Cabinet approved by
2011 Maliki ordered Dep PM Mutlaq removed from office in response to Mutlaq
            calling for Maliki to be replaced
2013 7th Div commander and leadership of division all killed by IS booby trapped
            house in Anbar
2015 Peshmerga and YPG capture Sinjar

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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 20

1983 Reagan envoy to Middle East Rumsfeld met with Saddam as part of new
            US policy to back Iraq in Iran-Iraq War
1998 UN Res 1153 allowed Iraq to sell $5.3 bil in oil for 6 months under Oil for Food
2001 NYTimes article with Iraqi defector Haideri provided by INC claimed he went to 20
WMD sites
2001 Haideri’s claims used in CIA DIA and White House reports Later found to be
            unreliable by US intel
2002 IAEA inspectors said Tuwaitha facility involved in civilian nuclear research not
            involved in weapons program
2002 CIA blocked UN Amb to UN Negroponte mentioning Iraq-Niger uranium deal in
            speech to Security Council
2004 Bush said he expected violence to increase before Jan 05 elections
2006 US military turned over 3rd province to Iraqi forces, Najaf
2012 Maliki had 10 of Finance Min Issawi’s bodyguards arrested Led to protests in
            Anbar Salahaddin Ninewa Baghdad

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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Displacement Down Across Iraq But Lingering Issues Remain

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is the main non-governmental organization working with Iraq’s displaced (IDP). It coordinates with both the United Nations and Iraq’s Migration Ministry. It recently released its monthly report on the IDP situation in the country showing that the number of people having fled their homes is down across much of the country.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 19

1983 Reagan Special Envoy to Middle East Rumsfeld arrived in Baghdad to try
to improve US-Iraq relations
1998 Op Desert Fox by Pres Clinton to punish Iraq for ending cooperation with UN weapons
            inspectors ended Iraq gave up rebuilding its WMD programs as a result
2001 Gen Franks made 3rd presentation to Rumsfeld of revised Iraq war plan
2002 Blix and El Baradei told Security Council about initial weapons inspections Blix
            said Iraq had not provided much new info
2002 Blix said 1 main problem was declared amounts of WMD produced vs what Iraq
            could’ve produced and 2 secret destruction of stocks
2002 Iraq’s claims and potential WMD production didn't match and had no proof of its
            secret destruction of stocks
2002 Sec of State Powell said Iraq in “material breach” of disarmament obligations
            with its weapons declaration to UN
2002 State Dept paper accused Iraq of active WMD programs rebuilding nuke
            program Not disclosing them to UN
2002 UK cabinet told Blair govt would declare Iraq in material breach of UN
            Resolution 1441 in Jan because of its arms declaration
2002 France said it was up to inspectors not US to determine whether Iraq was
            hiding WMD
2002 Russia criticized US for not providing evidence to Security Council and
            inspectors of Iraqi violations during inspections
2002 CNN/Time poll 63% of US respondents believed US war with Iraq was
2002 Gen Franks briefed Bush again on war plans Went over what could go wrong and
            lessons from war game
2004 Suicide bomber in Karbala killed 14 and wounded 30 and car bomb in Najaf killed
            48 wounded 90
2004 30 insurgents attacked members of Election Commission on Haifa St Baghdad
            Dragged them from car and shot them in street
2005 Adnan al-Dulaimi of Iraqi Accordance Front called for revote at polling stations
            where violations were registered
2005 Salah al-Mutlaq of National Dialogue Front claimed there was voter fraud
2005 US Amb Khalizad said couldn’t have sectarian Badr member run Interior Ministry
2006 NSC meeting Bush told Maliki agreed to new Baghdad security plan
2008 Talabani proposed reforms to PUK at politburo meeting to address factionalism
2011 Arrest warrant for VP Hashemi issued forcing him into exile
2011 3 of Hashemi’s guards appeared on TV saying they were involved in terrorist
2012 Maliki ordered arrest of Finance Min Issawi’s bodyguards

Monday, December 18, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 18

1959 Gen Qasim called Ahwaz and Mohammareh in Iran Arab Started
supporting Arabs in Khuzistan province
2002 Pres Bush said war was inevitable with Iraq at NSC meeting
2002 Bush met with Spanish Pres Anzar Said Iraq’s weapons declaration was a joke and
            US would eventually have to remove Saddam
2002 Sec Def Rumsfeld ordered start of civil administration to run postwar Iraq
            3 months before invasion
2002 Saddam scrapped all of Iraq’s defense plans for U.S. invasion and
            replaced them with one he made himself
2002 Saddams war plans consisted of concentric circles around Baghdad and defending
            main cities
2002 CIA Dir Tenet asked Germans if Iraqi defector CURVEBALL could be interviewed
about his claims that Iraq had mobile WMD labs Germany said no
2002 UK Foreign Secretary Straw said Iraq in material breach of UN resolutions with its
            weapons declaration that denied it had WMD
2002 IAEA head in Reuters No evidence that Iraq had worked on any nuclear facilities
            since 1998
2002 UK Defense Ministry admitted that ships were taking troops and tanks to Persian
2002 CIA briefed Bush and NSC on difficulties recruiting and maintaining sources in
2002 CIA said talking about war while going to UN made Iraqis not willing to come
            forward because unsure US was going to remove Saddam
2005 Bush national speech said Iraqi elections were a turning point for democracy in
            Middle East and US withdrawal would show US lack of resolve
2005 Allawi’s Iraqiya filed more than 60 complaints of voting violations including
            members of security forces supporting United Iraqi Alliance
2007 SecState Rice told Maliki his govt wasn't working Maliki said others in govt
            were obstructionists
2009 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq issued fatwa on Syria War saying it was about fighting infidels and 
           defending Islam
2011 VP Hashemi stopped at Baghdad airport some of his bodyguards arrested and
            then allowed to fly to Sulaymaniya
2012 Pres Talabani had a stroke effectively ending his political career although he
            would remain in office 

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 17

1997 Iraq banned UN weapons inspectors from presidential and sovereign sites
1999 UN Res 1284 created UNMOVIC as new Iraq WMD inspection regime
1999 UN Res 1284 got rid of export oil quotas and eased import restrictions under Oil
            for Food Program
2001 Incoming Sec of State Powell said sanctions on Iraq should continue because it
            still had WMD
2001 Iraqi defector Haideri provided by INC told CIA Iraq had secret WMD labs He
            later failed lie detector test and story proved false
2001 Czech Intel said story of 9/11 hijacker Atta meeting with Iraqi intel in Prague
didn't happen
2001 White House said anthrax attacks in U.S. came from domestic sources not Iraq
2002 Powell hinted that US would reject Iraq’s weapons declaration to UN inspectors
2002 US inspected warehouse in Benin where uranium headed for Iraq allegedly
            stored but found nothing
2002 CIA said that Iraq did not include trying to buy uranium from Niger in its
            declaration to UN inspectors
2003 Report Sunday Telegraph story that 9/11 hijacker Atta travelled to Baghdad in
            01 was probably false
2004 Bush briefed by DIA that insurgency was robust and strong and could lead to
            civil war without reconciliation
2007 Report Abu Omar al-Baghdadi was a fake played by actor and Masri real leader
            of ISI Story was false
2011 Baghdad Ops Command announced arrest warrant for VP Hashemi on terrorism
2014 Peshmerga began offensive to break IS siege of Mount Sinjar 

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Musings On Iraq In The News

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Security In Iraq, Dec 8-14, 2017

Violence remained extremely low during the second week of December. There were just 56 incidents reported in the media. That was the 18th full week with fewer than 100 incidents.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 16

1922 UK Lord of the Admiralty told Iraq commission Iraq oil would be important
            in case of war in Far East
1925 League of Nations set Turkey-Iraq border with Mosul province going to
1995 King Hussein offered to sponsor talks amongst Iraqi opposition parties
1998 UN inspectors left Iraq over non-cooperation
1998 US and UK start Operation Desert Fox after Iraq broke off cooperation with UN weapons
inspectors Ended Iraqs plans to revive WMD programs
1998 Assessment by Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq had not produced a
            nuclear bomb before Gulf War
1998 Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq had only produced a few grams of
            weapons grade nuclear material before Gulf War
1998 Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq didnt have capability to produce nuclear
material because of inspections
2003 Blair said it would take time to find Iraq’s WMD
2003 France and Germany agreed to US request to forgive part of $120 bil debt Iraq
            owed them
2004 Major Shiite parties agreed to United Iraqi Alliance for 2005 elections
2004 US Iraq cmdr Gen Casey US needed to train Iraqi forces and create effective Iraqi
            intelligence services
2007 Iraq took control of Basra province from British
2012 Iraqiya boycotted parliament and cabinet to protest Maliki putting tanks outside
the homes of Mutlaq Issawi and Hashemi in Green Zone
2013 Maliki appointed Parliamentary Affairs Minister Safi from State of Law as
            acting Finance Minister

Friday, December 15, 2017

Kurds, Islamic State? Who Are The New Insurgent Group In Iraq?

Hashd units are moving towards Salahaddin’s Tuz Kharmato in preparation to launch an offensive against a new insurgent group that is called various names such as the White Flags/Banners, the Liberation Army, and others. This group is shrouded in mystery as reports claim that it is everything from Kurds upset at the federal government to former Islamic State fighters.

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 15

1940 Foreign Minister Said wrote memo to PM Gaylani and Regent that Iraq had to
            back England and US during WW2
1957 Abdul-Wahab Mirjan became premier of Iraq
1981 Iraq said it was ready to end war if Iran recognized borders Iran rejected offer
1990 Saddam told officials that US started war against Iraq in 1986 when it sold
            weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra Affair
1998 UN weapons inspector chief Butler said Iraq had not lived up to promise of
2003 Report Al Qaeda was going to divert fighters and funds from Afghanistan to Iraq
2005 Iraq held elections for a permanent parliament Some insurgent groups provided
            security to make sure Sunnis could vote
2005 Secular candidate in Basra said afraid Shiite religious parties would use their
            militias and police to carry out fraud during election
2005 Police in Najaf drove through city calling on people to vote for the United Iraqi
2006 Bush told Maliki to accept Surge as way to bring down violence Maliki said
            he would announce it next day Didn't
2006 US intel said Maliki against Surge Said he didn't like US forces and didn’t
            want more of them in Iraq
2011 U.S. announced withdrawal of its forces from Iraq
2011 ISF deployed outside homes of VP Hashemi, Rafi Issawi and Salah al-Mutlaq
            in Green Zone on orders of PM Maliki

Review The Prisoner in His Palace, Saddam Hussein, His American Guards and What History Leaves Unsaid

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