Friday, December 29, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 29

1979 U.S. placed Iraq on list of State Sponsors of Terrorism for backing
Palestinian terrorist Abu Nidal
1981 Syria said it would start talks with Iran to try to end Iran-Iraq War
1990 Joint Chief head Gen Powell told CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Schwarzkopf to be
            ready to start Gulf War by 1/17/91
1996 Dawa announced campaign to assassinate top Iraqi officials
2002 US Senate authorized war against Iraq
2003 Iraqi Governing Council voted to replace family laws with sharia
2004 Insurgent safehouse blows up in Baghdad killing 28
2005 Zarqawi took responsibility for rocket attack on Israel Said he was fulfilling
            promise to bin Laden
2005 US military found 3 more secret prisons run by Badr within the Interior
            Ministry where torture used
2013 Head of Anbar council called for end of Ramadi protests in exchange for
            govt releasing MP Alwani

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