Friday, December 15, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 15

1940 Foreign Minister Said wrote memo to PM Gaylani and Regent that Iraq had to
            back England and US during WW2
1957 Abdul-Wahab Mirjan became premier of Iraq
1981 Iraq said it was ready to end war if Iran recognized borders Iran rejected offer
1990 Saddam told officials that US started war against Iraq in 1986 when it sold
            weapons to Iran in Iran-Contra Affair
1998 UN weapons inspector chief Butler said Iraq had not lived up to promise of
2003 Report Al Qaeda was going to divert fighters and funds from Afghanistan to Iraq
2005 Iraq held elections for a permanent parliament Some insurgent groups provided
            security to make sure Sunnis could vote
2005 Secular candidate in Basra said afraid Shiite religious parties would use their
            militias and police to carry out fraud during election
2005 Police in Najaf drove through city calling on people to vote for the United Iraqi
2006 Bush told Maliki to accept Surge as way to bring down violence Maliki said
            he would announce it next day Didn't
2006 US intel said Maliki against Surge Said he didn't like US forces and didn’t
            want more of them in Iraq
2011 U.S. announced withdrawal of its forces from Iraq
2011 ISF deployed outside homes of VP Hashemi, Rafi Issawi and Salah al-Mutlaq
            in Green Zone on orders of PM Maliki

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