Thursday, December 7, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 7

1915 Battle of Kut began with Ottoman forces arriving at city after they lost Battle of Ctesiphon
1980 Saddam announced that Iraq was going on the defensive in the Iran-Iraq War
1980 Saddam thought he could seize Khuzistan province leading to revolt against Khomeini
            govt but didnt happen
1981 Iran freed Bostan and forced an Iraqi retreat
2002 TV speech Saddam apologized to people of Kuwait for 1990 invasion
2002 Iraq gave its WMD and nuclear weapons declaration to UN as part of new inspections
            claiming it had no WMD
2002 Iraqi general claimed weapons declaration proved Iraq had no WMD
2002 US and UK condemn Iraqs weapons declaration as being complete and denying it had
2002 Cheney told NSC Iraqs weapons declaration was a material breach and Bush should move
            towards war
2002 Cheney said Powell and UN wanted to use inspections to avoid war with Iraq
2002 Rumsfeld and Rice didnt think Iraqs weapons declaration was a material breach
2003 Gingrich went on offensive against CPA saying US shouldve given over sovereignty to
            Iraq early on like in Afghanistan
2003 Report US forces using collective punishment Blowing up homes of suspected
            insurgents Putting barbed wire around towns
2004 Number of US troops killed in combat in Iraq reached 1000 after soldier shot in Baghdad
2004 Report Nov 04 CIA said security deteriorating Iraqi govt had to assert authority
            and rebuild economy
2005 KDP backers attacked PUK offices in Dohuk Zakho Amedia Shaklaca Kadash
            Sedarash Akre 3 killed including a KDP candidate
2005 KDP followers set PUK office in Dohuk on fire wounding 21

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