Sunday, December 31, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 31

1981 End of 1st yr of Iran-Iraq War 22,000 Iraqi 38,000 Iranian dead
2002 UN inspector told press they were finding no evidence of Iraq’s WMD and
            Western intel providing nothing substantive
2003 Bush said couldn’t tell whether Iraq had a nuclear weapon or not
2003 Car bomb at Baghdad restaurant killed 8 wounded 30
2007 Deadline to hold referendum on future of disputed territories under Constitution’s
            Article 140 passed
2007 Deadline for committee to revise Iraqi constitution missed Was 4th time delayed
            Never finished job
2011 US withdrew forces from Iraq
2011 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq and Sadrists get into gunfight in Sadr City and Kadhimiya,
2013 Anbar council negotiated withdrawal of 2 ISF units from Ramadi to try to
            control protests and fighting
2013 Maliki said he would withdraw ISF from cities in Anbar after closed protest
            sites leading to fighting
2013 Speaker Nujafi announced Mutahidun withdrawing from govt to protest
            Maliki shutting down Ramadi protest site
2013 10 houses in Babil’s Jurf al-Sakhr blown up by ISI forcing 84 families to flee

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