Friday, December 8, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 8

1985 Saudis announced attempt to end the Iran-Iraq War through dialogue with Tehran
2002 Iraq admitted that it was close to building a nuclear bomb but was abandoned a
            long time ago
2002 Gen Thurman and McKiernan went to Gen Franks and asked for more
            troops for Iraq invasion
2003 Bremer told Gingrich’s criticism of CPA and situation in Iraq were wrong and he
            should visit country
2004 In Kuwait after being questioned about lack of up to date equipment for US troops
            in Iraq Rumsfeld said “You go to war with the army you have”
2005 Bin Laden’s Pakistani biographer quoted in Osama bin Laden I Know book said
            bin Laden hated Saddam
2006 NSC meeting SecState Rice pushed for not getting involved in civil war and
            pushing Iraqis to do more
2006 NSC meeting Joint Chiefs head Gen Pace said US forces could not stand by
            during Iraq civil war
2006 Bush told NSC that US couldn’t wait for Iraqis to do more US had to act to
            reduce violence
2009 ISI set off 5 car bombs hit Finance, Justice and Foreign Ministries in Baghdad
            killing 127 448 wounded 3rd mass bombing in Baghdad over short span

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