Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 6

1914 British forces attacked Qurna 2nd time and forced Turks to surrender Took
            1,000 prisoners
1990 Iraq began issuing passports for Iranians to visit Shiites shrines in Iraq
1990 Iraq announced it would release foreign nationals it held since Kuwait invasion
2001 Letter to Wash Post by Senators McCain Lieberman and others said that Iraq
            had to be eliminated
2002 White House accused Iraq of hiding WMDs from UN inspectors
2002 Official US troop buildup for Iraq invasion began Wasn’t made public until Feb 03
2003 Bremer’s convoy attacked on Route Irish to Baghdad airport
2003 Rumsfeld told Bremer Rice was trying to take over political file on Iraq Didn’t
            agree but was ceding role to her
2005 KDP followers attacked four offices of Kurdistan Islamic Union in Dohuk province
            Killed 2 wounded dozens for party withdrawing from Kurdish list
2005 KDP Dohuk govenror claimed Islamic Union’s ideology led to attacks and he
            couldn’t stop them
2005 Beforehand Islamic Union called KDP admin in Dohuk corrupt and said election
            would be struggle between Muslims and nonbelievers
2005 Beforehand KDP attacked Islamic Union for helping Arabs against Kurds
2006 Iraq Study Group released report calling for US withdrawal from Iraq Did
            include surge option
2012 US mediated withdrawal of federal and Kurdish forces from Tuz Kharmato and
            creation of local security forces along disputed areas
2012 US-Baghdad-Irbil agreement on security forces in disputed areas only partially

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Ibrahim Umar said...

I'm back again. I've really missed a lot of your updates. Thanks for your consistency.

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