Monday, December 4, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 4

1924 UK High Comm for Iraq Dobbs said King Faisal was a foreigner in Iraq Had
            no support
1997 UN Res 1143 extended Oil for Food Program for 3rd time
2001 Gen Franks briefed Rumsfeld and Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen Meyers on
            revised Iraq invasion plan
2001 Franks revised 1990s Op Plan 1003 Cut troops from 500,000 to 400,000 to
            be deployed in 6 instead of 7 months
2001 Franks said couldn't’ scrap Op Plan 1003 because never knew what it would
            be needed
2001 Franks said would take a long time to revise Iraq war plan
2001 Rumsfeld said Afghanistan showed US didn’t need such a large and long
            invasion plan for Iraq
2001 Rumsfeld wanted a battle plan that could be executed in a very short time
            not months
2001 Franks agreed with Rumsfeld but said Op Plan 1003 only thing they had
            at moment
2001 Rumsfeld told Gen Franks goal of any military action against Iraq would
            be removing Saddam
2001 Franks given one week to revise plan Angry that Rumsfeld went from plan
            not important to it being urgent
2001 Blair told Bush Iraq was a threat because it had WMD could export it and
            violated UN resolutions
2001 Blair paper to Bush said that they had to consider regime change in Iraq
2002 UN Res 1447 extended Oil for Food program
2004 PM Allawi attacked while visiting Imam Ali shrine in Najaf
2005 Report 1500 suspects arrested around Ramadi in last five months all Iraqis not
            foreigners like White House claiming

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