Saturday, December 16, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 16

1922 UK Lord of the Admiralty told Iraq commission Iraq oil would be important
            in case of war in Far East
1925 League of Nations set Turkey-Iraq border with Mosul province going to
1995 King Hussein offered to sponsor talks amongst Iraqi opposition parties
1998 UN inspectors left Iraq over non-cooperation
1998 US and UK start Operation Desert Fox after Iraq broke off cooperation with UN weapons
inspectors Ended Iraqs plans to revive WMD programs
1998 Assessment by Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq had not produced a
            nuclear bomb before Gulf War
1998 Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq had only produced a few grams of
            weapons grade nuclear material before Gulf War
1998 Intl Atomic Energy Agency Iraq didnt have capability to produce nuclear
material because of inspections
2003 Blair said it would take time to find Iraq’s WMD
2003 France and Germany agreed to US request to forgive part of $120 bil debt Iraq
            owed them
2004 Major Shiite parties agreed to United Iraqi Alliance for 2005 elections
2004 US Iraq cmdr Gen Casey US needed to train Iraqi forces and create effective Iraqi
            intelligence services
2007 Iraq took control of Basra province from British
2012 Iraqiya boycotted parliament and cabinet to protest Maliki putting tanks outside
the homes of Mutlaq Issawi and Hashemi in Green Zone
2013 Maliki appointed Parliamentary Affairs Minister Safi from State of Law as
            acting Finance Minister

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