Tuesday, December 19, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 19

1983 Reagan Special Envoy to Middle East Rumsfeld arrived in Baghdad to try
to improve US-Iraq relations
1998 Op Desert Fox by Pres Clinton to punish Iraq for ending cooperation with UN weapons
            inspectors ended Iraq gave up rebuilding its WMD programs as a result
2001 Gen Franks made 3rd presentation to Rumsfeld of revised Iraq war plan
2002 Blix and El Baradei told Security Council about initial weapons inspections Blix
            said Iraq had not provided much new info
2002 Blix said 1 main problem was declared amounts of WMD produced vs what Iraq
            could’ve produced and 2 secret destruction of stocks
2002 Iraq’s claims and potential WMD production didn't match and had no proof of its
            secret destruction of stocks
2002 Sec of State Powell said Iraq in “material breach” of disarmament obligations
            with its weapons declaration to UN
2002 State Dept paper accused Iraq of active WMD programs rebuilding nuke
            program Not disclosing them to UN
2002 UK cabinet told Blair govt would declare Iraq in material breach of UN
            Resolution 1441 in Jan because of its arms declaration
2002 France said it was up to inspectors not US to determine whether Iraq was
            hiding WMD
2002 Russia criticized US for not providing evidence to Security Council and
            inspectors of Iraqi violations during inspections
2002 CNN/Time poll 63% of US respondents believed US war with Iraq was
2002 Gen Franks briefed Bush again on war plans Went over what could go wrong and
            lessons from war game
2004 Suicide bomber in Karbala killed 14 and wounded 30 and car bomb in Najaf killed
            48 wounded 90
2004 30 insurgents attacked members of Election Commission on Haifa St Baghdad
            Dragged them from car and shot them in street
2005 Adnan al-Dulaimi of Iraqi Accordance Front called for revote at polling stations
            where violations were registered
2005 Salah al-Mutlaq of National Dialogue Front claimed there was voter fraud
2005 US Amb Khalizad said couldn’t have sectarian Badr member run Interior Ministry
2006 NSC meeting Bush told Maliki agreed to new Baghdad security plan
2008 Talabani proposed reforms to PUK at politburo meeting to address factionalism
2011 Arrest warrant for VP Hashemi issued forcing him into exile
2011 3 of Hashemi’s guards appeared on TV saying they were involved in terrorist
2012 Maliki ordered arrest of Finance Min Issawi’s bodyguards

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