Thursday, December 28, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 28

1998 U.S. began attacks upon Iraqi air defense system in north
1998 Italian paper claimed Saddam and bin Laden made pact to act against US and
            Iraq offered Saddam safe haven
2001 Gen Franks presented Bush with latest version of Iraq war plan
2001 Gen Franks’ plan included 7 lines of operation that could be used independently
            or in conjunction and 9 parts of Iraq that could be targeted
2001 Gen Franks wanted to start building up US forces in Gulf and information
            campaigns immediately
2001 Gen Franks said that US would be ready for war with Iraq by April to June 2002
2001 Gen Frans also wanted US to start working with Iraqi opposition inside Iraq
2001 CIA Dir Tenet said Iraqi opposition wouldn't work with US without seeing
            strong commitment from Washington
2001 Bush asked Franks if plan good enough to win Franks said yes with some work
2001 Bush ordered State and Defense Depts to start building up support amongst
            regional countries for Iraq invasion
2001 Richard Perle of Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board OpEd in NY Times said US
            had to attack Iraq
2002 Report NSC Sr Dir Near East Abrams drafted plan for US to seize control
            of Iraq’s southern oil fields
2003 Iraqi Governing Council wrote letter to UN about CPA’s plans to hold caucuses
            instead of elections for new Iraq parliament
2005 UN endorsed December elections for a permanent Iraqi parliament
2006 NSC agreed that Petraeus would be new Iraq commander for Surge
2010 PM Maliki said no changes would be made to the SOFA agreement with the US
            and all its troops would leave Iraq
2013 Speaker Nujafi said arrest of PM Alwani illegal due to parliamentary
            immunity Called for investigation
2013 Speaker Nujafi’s parliamentary investigative group into arrest of PM Alwani
            blocked from entering Anbar by ISF
2013 Curfew imposed in Ramadi
2015 Iraqi forces freed Ramadi
2016 Last bridge crossing Tigris in Mosul destroyed by Coalition airstrike to prevent
            IS retreating from eastern to western section of city

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