Saturday, December 9, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Dec 9

1914 Ottomans defeated by British at Battle of Qurna and surrendered Basra
1958 Former PM Rashid Ali al-Gaylani arrested by Gen Qasim for plotting a coup
1985 Saudis announced attempts at talks with Iran to end Iran-Iraq War failed
2001 VP Cheney said story 9/11 hijacker Atta met with Iraq intel officer in Prague was
            pretty much confirmed
2001 Cheney told NBC Iraq hosting terrorists and developing WMD
2002 UK Foreign Office legal adv Sir Wood wrote paper saying UN Resolution 1441
            did not authorize war with Iraq
2002 UK Foreign Office officially asked Attny Gen Lord Goldsmith for legal
            advice on whether 2nd UN resolution needed to use force against Iraq
2002 Blair ForPolAdv Manning MI6 head Dearlove met NatlSecAdv Rice Said start 03
            US would go to UN and argue for military action vs Iraq
2002 UN inspectors found Fallujah II chlorine plant out of service US listed it as WMD
2003 Suicide Car bomb on Mosul camp wounded 41 US troops and 6 Iraqi civilians
2004 22 parties including Dawa SCIRI Sadrists INC announced formation of United
            Iraqi Alliance for Jan 2005 elections Ayatollah Sistani helped form list
2004 Iraqi Islamic Party submitted 275 candidates for Jan 2005 elections Would be
            only major Sunni party to participate
2004 Bush told families his govt was getting best equipment for US troops in Iraq after
            Rumsfeld downplayed complaints
2005 Report Al Qaeda’s Libi’s intel about Iraq-Al Qaeda ties that proved false was
            acquired while he was being tortured by Egyptians
2005 Report Feb 02 DIA was skeptical of Al Qaeda’s Libi’s intel on Iraq-Al Qaeda ties
            because he was being held in Egypt
2005 United Iraqi Alliance breaking up into factions after elections Complaints that it
            hadn’t presented a vision for Iraq because not using qualified people
2006 NSC meeting US Cmdr Iraq Gen Casey told Bush Maliki agreed to go after
            militias that broke law

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