Monday, December 18, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 18

1959 Gen Qasim called Ahwaz and Mohammareh in Iran Arab Started
supporting Arabs in Khuzistan province
2002 Pres Bush said war was inevitable with Iraq at NSC meeting
2002 Bush met with Spanish Pres Anzar Said Iraq’s weapons declaration was a joke and
            US would eventually have to remove Saddam
2002 Sec Def Rumsfeld ordered start of civil administration to run postwar Iraq
            3 months before invasion
2002 Saddam scrapped all of Iraq’s defense plans for U.S. invasion and
            replaced them with one he made himself
2002 Saddams war plans consisted of concentric circles around Baghdad and defending
            main cities
2002 CIA Dir Tenet asked Germans if Iraqi defector CURVEBALL could be interviewed
about his claims that Iraq had mobile WMD labs Germany said no
2002 UK Foreign Secretary Straw said Iraq in material breach of UN resolutions with its
            weapons declaration that denied it had WMD
2002 IAEA head in Reuters No evidence that Iraq had worked on any nuclear facilities
            since 1998
2002 UK Defense Ministry admitted that ships were taking troops and tanks to Persian
2002 CIA briefed Bush and NSC on difficulties recruiting and maintaining sources in
2002 CIA said talking about war while going to UN made Iraqis not willing to come
            forward because unsure US was going to remove Saddam
2005 Bush national speech said Iraqi elections were a turning point for democracy in
            Middle East and US withdrawal would show US lack of resolve
2005 Allawi’s Iraqiya filed more than 60 complaints of voting violations including
            members of security forces supporting United Iraqi Alliance
2007 SecState Rice told Maliki his govt wasn't working Maliki said others in govt
            were obstructionists
2009 Asaib Ahl Al-Haq issued fatwa on Syria War saying it was about fighting infidels and 
           defending Islam
2011 VP Hashemi stopped at Baghdad airport some of his bodyguards arrested and
            then allowed to fly to Sulaymaniya
2012 Pres Talabani had a stroke effectively ending his political career although he
            would remain in office 

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