Sunday, December 3, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Dec 3

1914 Start of Battle of Qurna between British and Ottoman forces with the British
            attacking but beaten back
1915 British expeditionary force driven back to Kut, Wasit after losing Battle of
Ctesiphon to Ottomans
1967 Arif govt issued new press law restricting freedom of the media
1996 Iran admitted to Iraq smuggling oil through its territory violating UN sanctions
            and promises action against it
1999 UN Res 1280 extended Oil for Food program
2001 Blair told Bush he was not opposed to removing Saddam
2002 Iraq officials cooperated with UN inspectors at surprise search of one of Saddam’s
            Baghdad palaces
2004 3 members of Ansar al-Islam arrested for planning to assassinate PM Allawi
2004 Bush called speech writer Gerson saying he wanted to change US foreign policy
            to promoting democracy Iraq at forefront
2008 Presidential Council passed Status of Forces Agreement with US setting
withdrawal date for US forces 12/31/11

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