Wednesday, September 27, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 27

1915 Battle of Es Sinn began between Ottoman and British forces
1980 Muslim countries’ committee visited Tehran to try to mediate Iran-Iraq War
1984 Japan offered ceasefire proposal to UN to end Iran-Iraq War
1985 At UN Iraq For Min Aziz blamed Iran for starting and continuing the Iran-Iraq
            War Said Tehran wanted to overthrow the Iraqi govt
2001 Ahmed Chalabi said Iraq and Al Qaeda linked since 1990s and wanted to use
            bin Laden against US
2003 Insurgents fired 3 rockets at Rashid Hotel in Baghdad
2006 Joint Chiefs created Council of Colonels that would in part review Iraq strategy
2007 Anbar sheikhs met with PM Maliki asked that Anbar Salvation Council replace Anbar
            provincial council
2012 ISI attacked Tikrit prison with car bombs mortars suicide bombers & released 100

This Day In Iraqi History - Jul 17 Gen Bakr led Baathist coup overthrowing Arif govt

  869 Deposed Abbasid Caliph Mutazz executed by Turkish soldiers ( Musings On Iraq review when baghdad ruled the muslim...