Saturday, September 23, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 23

1955 Iran joined Iraq, England, Turkey security agreement Would become
            anti-Communist Baghdad Pact
1961 KDP banned by Gen Qasim and several leaders arrested due to Mustafa Barzani’s
Kurdish revolt
1986 Iran ended Op Karbala 3 in Fao Peninsula and Majnoon Island
1986 Soviet For Min Shevardnadze told UN that USSR was attempting to negotiate
            end to Iran-Iraq War
1989 Kuwait Emir given medal by Saddam in Baghdad for help during Iran-Iraq
1991 UN inspectors found 4 lockers full of secret nuclear documents in Baghdad
            facility but were seized by Iraqi army
2001 Rice told CNN Iraq would be stage two of war on terror
2002 Blair told cabinet Iraq dossier would show Iraq expanding WMD capabilities
            and erosion of sanctions one cause
2002 Educ Sec Morris asked Blair what had changed about Iraq to go to war other than
            Bush being elected
2002 Inst for Science & Intl Security argued against US claim that aluminum tubes Iraq
            tried to buy were for nuke weapons program
2003 Bush speech at UN said Iraq was frontline in war on terror
2003 Fr Pres Chirac & UN Sec Gen Annan speeches at UN criticized Iraq war saying
            US undermined international system 
2003 Gallup pol majority of Iraqis thought life would be better in 5 years 2/3 of
            Baghdadis said removing Saddam was worth hardships
2003 Iraqi Governing Council member Aqila Hashemi died after being shot 3 days
            before outside her home
2004 Allawi visited White House asking for more reconstruction money and bringing
            back old army units
2006 Army chief of staff called Gen Petraeus to review Iraq policy
2006 DefPolicyBoard member Adelman told Rumsfeld he was a failure as SecDef and never
            took responsibility for Iraq
2007 ISI accused Hamas of Iraq and 1920 Revolution Brigades of killing its members
2016 Sunni tribal Hashd began destroyed 220 homes in Aithah Salahaddin belonging
            to IS sympathizers

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