Saturday, September 16, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 16

1961 Govt forces began ground offensive to put down Mustafa Barzani Kurdish
1980 Saddam said that Iran would not fight Iraq because it was afraid
            Lead up to Iran-Iraq War
1980 Saddam said that Iraq had to regain all the disputed territory it claimed from Iran
1986 Iraq air strike on Iran’s Lavan oil terminal Iran-Iraq War
1990 UN Resolution 667 demanded Iraq release foreign nationals it detained in Kuwait
1991 Mohammed Zubaidi became Iraq’s premier
2001 Bush said unless Iraq connected to 9/11 it would be dealt with diplomatically not
            with force
2001 Cheney asked on NBC was there any evidence linking Iraq to 9/11 He said no
            Said focus was on Al Qaeda
2001 Fmr CIA Dir Woolsey said stories of 9/11 hijacker Atta meeting with Iraqi
            intel showed Iraq needed to be investigated
2002 Iraq told UN it would allow new weapons inspections with no conditions
2002 VP Chief of Staff Libby & DepNatlSecAdv Hadley briefed by Pentagon group
            that Iraq and Al Qaeda had cooperated
2002 New draft of UK dossier on Iraq said it had recently produced WMD but no
2003 Rumsfeld said he believed US intelligence that Iraq had WMD
2003 Rumsfeld said no evidence Iraq involved with 9/11
2003 Rice said one reason US invaded Iraq was because he was from Middle East
            where 9/11 attacks came from
2003 Senior Iraqi scientist said WMD programs dismantled by UN inspectors in 90s
2004 UN Sec Gen Annan told BBC that US invasion of Iraq was illegal
2004 July Natl Intel Est on Iraq leaked to press Best case Iraq would remain unstable
            Worse Iraq would break out into civil war
2007 Blackwater guards fired at car in west Baghdad killing 17 civilians
            and wounding 20
2008 Pres Barzani told US Amb Crocker that Maliki was beginning to act like a
2009 US closed Camp Bucca prison which had served as recruiting ground for

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