Friday, September 22, 2017

Ana Freed In Anbar Whilte Shirqat And Hawija Attacked

The much awaited multi-pronged offensive to free the last Islamic State bastions within Iraq started. The West Anbar campaign took its first major town, Ana along the Euphrates River. Shirqat in northern Salahaddin was also attacked along with neighboring Hawija in southern Kirkuk.

The joint Iraqi forces continued their move along the Euphrates River in northwest Anbar. At the start of the day there was fighting in Ana along with some of the surrounding areas. The insurgents attempted to set off car bombs at the entrance of Ana to prevent the entry of the government’s units, but that was only a temporary impediment as the town was quickly seized. This was the first large village liberated so far. The goal of this campaign is to not only take the last remaining urban enclaves, but clear the border and the roads and highways many of which are littered with IEDs.

At the same time, the Iraqi forces pushed on Shirqat in northern Salahaddin and Hawija in southern Kirkuk. Elements from the 9th Division, the Hashd, Rapid Reaction forces, and Federal Police seized 8 villages in Shirqat district by the end of the day. Hawija was attacked by the Golden Division, Federal Police, army and Hashd along six axes. Due to political disputes between Baghdad and Irbil over the up-coming Kurdish independence referendum the Peshmerga announced they would not take part in the battle. They would only be holding their lines to the north. 22 villages were said to be freed. Deputy Hashd commander Abu Muhandis told the press that the Iraqi forces would do Shirqat first, and then move on Hawija itself. Several Iraqi commanders believe that the Islamic State is done for as a conventional fighting force in the country. They wanted to take on west Anbar, Shirqat, and Hawija all at the same time to push forward the government’s advantage and quickly put an end to all of the insurgents’ holdings. That is finally happening. If not for the arguments between the central and Kurdish regional governments this might have actually started sooner. So far, IS has not put up much resistance, and this could be over in just a few days to weeks. When it’s concluded, this will be an important milestone in the war, although not its conclusion as the Islamic State is rebuilding as an insurgency.  


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