Monday, September 25, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 25

1921 Gertrude Bell wrote King Faisal was unpopular and resented for being
            Installed by the British
1931 Iraqi newspaper called for one party rule under an autocrat King Faisal
1980 Iraq began attacking Dezful Ahvaz Khorramshahr in Khuzistan province
1980 Iraq shelled Abadan refinery largest in world Iran retaliated Air raids
            on Iraqi oil facilities in Basra Zubayr Mosul Kirkuk
1997 Op Dawn Turkey invaded Kurdistan to attack PUK and PKK
1997 UN inspectors caught Iraqis trying to flee food factory with suitcases of docs
            on making WMD
1997 UN inspectors attempted to inspect Special Security Office but denied
2002 Bush said couldn't distinguish between Al Qaeda and Saddam in war on terror
because they were equally evil
2002 Rice said there had been important contacts between Iraq and Al Qaeda
2002 DefSec Rumsfeld and CIA DepDir McLaughlin briefed NATO defense ministers
            on Iraq-Al Qaeda ties
2002 US & UK worked on draft UN resolution demanding inspectors return to Iraq
2003 Bush said 9/11 changed how he viewed Iraq as a threat to US
2003 Powell announced 6 month deadline for Iraqis to draft new constitution
2003 House Intel Comm wrote letter to CIA Dir Tenet criticizing pre-war intel on Iraq’s
            WMD and Iraq-Al Qaeda ties after review
2003 Aqila al-Hashemi of Iraqi Governing Council died of wounds from an ambush
            in Baghdad
2003 Baghdad hotel used as base for NBC News bombed 1 guard killed
2007 ISI bombed meeting of police sheikhs and leaders of Hamas of Iraq and 1920
            Revolution Brigades in Baquba

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