Saturday, September 30, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 30

1924 Frontier Commission appointed to determine border between new nation
            of Turkey and Iraq
1958 Agrarian Reform Law issued by Gen Qasim in attempt to redistribute
            land from large landowners to peasants
1958 Pres Qasim removed Arif as Dep PM and Interior Minister because he was a threat to
the govt
1980 Iranian air force launched Op Scorch Sword attacking Iraq’s Osirak nuclear
facility Only minimal damage Iran-Iraq War
1980 Iraqis were stopped outside Dezful, Ahvas and Abadan in Khuzistan province Iran
            Iran-Iraq War
1980 Soviet’s Brezhnev said Iran and Iraq both friends of USSR 2 needed to negotiate
            end to war Soviets main military supporter of Iraq
1980 Ayatollah Khomeini refused all talks with Iraq to end Iran-Iraq War
1980 State Dept told Italy’s Foreign Ministry that USSR turned down request by Iraq
for additional military equipment
2001 Iraq defector told Sunday Telegraph Iraq started crash program to produce WMD
            in 6 months
2002 Iraq and UN negotiated new weapons inspections in Vienna but blocked 8
            presidential sites US rejected deal
2003 UN Sec Gen Anan said that UN would only renew its role in Iraq if sovereignty
            passed to an interim govt
2003 Rumsfeld aide ate with Pentagon Def Pol Board member Gingrich and Dep Sec Def
            Wolfowitz who were lobbying against Bremer
2003 Gingrich would later say Bremer at CPA was biggest foreign policy disaster in
            recent times
2003 Bush told Justice Dep investigating possible unauthorized disclosure of
            undercover CIA official fmr Amb Wilson’s wife
2004 3 coordinated car bombs in Baghdad kill 44
2008 Sheikh announced 20 Tribal Support Councils created in Dhi Qar by PM Maliki
2008 Creation of Tribal Support Councils in Dhi Qar led to attacks upon sheikhs in
            political rivalry between SIIC and Dawa
2014 UK launched first air strikes on IS
2014 Cabinet authorized govt to provide weapons, equipment, salaries to Hashd

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