Monday, September 11, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 11

1961 After Gen Qasim rejected Barzani Kurdish rights plan he called for revolt
            against govt
1961 Kurds ambushed an Iraqi army column starting Kurdish revolt against Gen Qasim
1980 Iraq sent protest letter to Iran about border incidents Said Iran violated intl law
            and Iraq would defend itself
1982 Iraq agreed to Arab League ceasefire proposal including withdrawing from
            Iran $70 bil in reparations Iran said no
1985 Iran seized western Majnoon Islands Iraq counterattacked but failed
            to dislodge Iranians Did stop advance
1990 Iraq released edited version of Saddam’s meeting with US Amb Glaspie Saddam told Amb
Glaspie Iraq would take military action vs Kuwait if it didn’t give into Iraq’s Demands
1995 KDP took control of all of Kurdistan after pushing PUK out with help of
            Iraqi army
2001 Bush asked whether Iraq was involved in 9/11 because Saddam backed
            Palestinian terrorists
2001 Bush said that US should get rid of Saddam and told some aides to look into
            Iraq-Al Qaeda connections
2001 Rice told UK Amb to US Meyer that White House was looking into whether Iraq
            involved in 9/11
2001 5 hrs after 9/11 Def Sec Rumsfeld wrote memo asking for info on whether
            should attack Saddam and Iraq
2001 At NSC meeting Rumsfeld brought up bombing Iraq
2001 Counterterrorism chief Clarke said Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were taking
            advantage of 9/11 to push their Iraq agenda
2001 Italian intelligence told CIA that Iraq had tried to buy uranium from Niger
2002 UK intel report that Iraq was producing WMD 7 days a week in facilities
            throughout the country
2002 Blair said parliament had to discuss Iraq and WMD
2002 NSC got okay from CIA to use claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from
            Niger in speech by Bush but wasn’t used
2002 UK Intel report warned overthrow of Saddam would increase chances of WMD
            falling into hands of terrorists & terrorism overall
2002 Blair told Parliament war with Iraq would increase terrorism threat but Saddam
            giving WMD to terrorists was larger concern
2003 DepDefSec Wolfowitz said Saddam connected to terrorism & Al Qaeda and bin
            Laden now trying to work with ex-Baathists
2003 Report Pentagon made no detailed plans for postwar Iraq Hoped Chalabi and INC
            would take over govt
2006 Bush speech US being tested like Cold War and withdrawing from Iraq would
            be catastrophe US strategy at time was to withdraw from Iraq
2008 US turned over security for Anbar to Iraqi forces
2015 Kataib Hezbollah said no Hashd or lovers of Islam should join protests Claimed
            they were being controlled by US

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