Monday, September 4, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 4

1945 Iraqi forces launched new assault upon Kurdish forces in Barzan 1943
Barzani revolt
1980 Iran shelled Khanaqin and Mandali in Diyala and bombed two other towns in
            precursor to Iran-Iraq War
1991 U.N. investigation of impact of sanctions on Iraq suggested oil for food program
1994 Iraq accused Iran of arming Shiite opposition groups in southern marshes
1996 US fired 17 more cruise missiles at Iraqi air defense sites in response to Saddam’s
            moves against PUK
2002 At meeting on Al Qaeda Rumsfeld said Iraq more important than Al Qaeda
2002 Bush sent letter to Speaker of House saying US had to deal with disarming Iraq
2002 Rep Ike Skelton wrote letter to Pres Bush “To win victory is easy, to preserve
            its fruits, difficult”
2002 UK Defense Ministry paper said that US had no clear postwar strategy for Iraq
            and that meant no winning plan
2002 Iraq took Australian reporter to Al Qaim suspected nuclear site US had talked
            about Found it abandoned
2002 Blair told ForSec Cook Iraq’s army depleted so he was trying to get nuclear
2003 Fmr CENCTOM Cmdr Gen Zinni said US had no strategy in Iraq and danger of
2003 Rumsfeld said US speeding up creation of new Iraqi security forces in face of
            growing attacks
2003 Rumsfeld talked with Iraq commanders about troop withdrawal
2003 Pentagon plan was to have 25,000-30,000 troops in Iraq by Sep 03 Instead
            130,000 due to violence
2015 Allawi condemned Abadi saying his reforms were unconstitutional

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