Tuesday, September 12, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 12

1915 British forces launched campaign to capture Baghdad starting in present
            day Wasit
1980 Iraq began seizing border posts from Iran Precursor to Iran-Iraq War
1997 UN Res 1129 allowed greater oil exports under Oil for Food Program
2001 Bush asked Richard Clarke to look into whether Iraq involved in 9/11
2001 Top officials within Bush White House talked about Iraq being behind
            9/11 attack
2001 Pentagon meeting on 9/11 CIA said was sure Al Qaeda behind attack Wolfowitz
            questioned that and said Iraq must have been involved
2001 Rumsfeld said not enough good targets to bomb in Afghanistan so US should
            bomb Iraq instead
2001 Rumsfeld said that Saddam should be overthrown Joint Chiefs Head Gen
            Shelton said that was only possible via large invasion
2001 White House told CIA to come up with covert plan against Iraq
2001 Jund al-Islam formed in Kurdistan from Kurdish Islamists and fighters fleeing            Afghanistan
2001 Czech intel source said he saw 9/11 hijacker Atta meet with Iraqi intel in Prague
            Apr 2001
2001 Ex-CIA Dir Woolsey said didn’t matter who was responsible for 9/11 solution
            had to include removing Saddam from power
2002 Bush UN speech Said Iraq growing threat Could build a nuclear bomb within a
            year if got materials
2002 State Dept paper Decade of Deception and Defiance said Iraq building up its
            WMD and nuclear program
2002 White House paper claimed Iraq trained terrorists in hijacking planes using
2002 French For Min said France supported UN resolution on Iraq but UN should
            decide action if Iraq didn’t comply
2003 US forces opened fire on 2 Iraqi police cars in Fallujah killing 8 police and
            wounding 4 others
2004 PM Allawi said Saddam’s trial would go ahead despite rising violence
2011 insurgents took bus in Anbar and killed 22 Shiite pilgrims

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