Saturday, September 9, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 9

1944 Iraq and Soviet Union established diplomatic relations
1990 Joint US-Soviet statement said that Iraq’s aggression in Kuwait would not stand
1996 KDP captured Sulaymaniya from PUK
1998 UN Resolution 1194 condemned Iraq’s halting of cooperation with weapons
2002 UK intel report Iraq probably wouldn’t use WMD without being attacked
2002 State Dept spokesman mentioned that Iraq tried to buy aluminum tubes
            for centrifuges for nuke program to reporters
2002 Chirac told press needed to be 2 UN resolutions 1 on inspectors 2nd if Iraq didn’t
2003 Zarqawi hit US intel base in Irbil with suicide car bomb killing 3 wounding 54
2003 UnderSecDefforPolicy Feith said Pentagon prepared for all kinds of
            contingencies for postwar Iraq but they never happened
2004 DepNatlSedAdv Hadley said White House had to come up with measurements
            to determine success in Iraq Ended with 140
2004 Army inquiry found CIA hid up to 100 ghost detainees in Iraqi prisons in
2006 Sheikh Abu Risha and 50 other sheikhs announced formation of Anbar
2012 ISI carried out 21 car bombs across Iraq
2014 Peshmerga found 14 Yazidi bodies in a mass grave in Ninewa
2015 Abadi removed 123 deputy ministers and director generals to cut costs as part of
            his reforms

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