Wednesday, September 6, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Sep 6

1965 Arif al-Razzaq became premier of Iraq
1967 Baath demonstration called for renewing war with Israel after Khartoum
resolution called for continued confrontation
1980 Iran shelled more borders towns in Iraq from Zain al-Qas Precursor to Iran-
            Iraq War
1980 Iraq threatened to seize Zain al-Qas area if Iran didn’t cede it in a week
            Precursor to Iran-Iraq War
1987 Ali Hassan al-Majid issued order to deport Kurdish families and arrest all males
            from age 12-50 during Anfal campaign
1988 Revolutionary Command Council offered amnesty to all Kurds in Iraq and Turkey
after Anfal campaign Amnesty led to release of most Kurdish women and children captured during the campaign
1988 Feb-Sep some 50,000 killed during Anfal campaign
1990 King Fahd of Saudi Arabia promised $15 bil to help pay for Operation Desert
            Storm to protect the kingdom from Iraq
2002 Putin told Bush skeptical about use of force against Iraq but willing to work on
            new UN resolution demanding inspectors
2002 UK Treasury Office paper said rebuilding Iraq could cost more than $10 bil
2002 US officials told Knight Ridder no increase in threat from Iraq
2015 Judiciary said it would increase number of judges dealing with corruption as its
            reform effort

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