Friday, September 15, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 15

1950 Nuri al-Said became premier 6th time
1981 Reagan administration discussed covert arms deal with Iraq to get a Russian
            T-72 tank in return Iraq rejected idea
1987 Saddam told UN delegation he would accept ceasefire if UN punished Iran
1989 Iraq arrested UK Observer reporter Baztoft for reporting on missile program
            Led to condemnation in UK media
2001 Bush held meeting at Camp David to determine response to 9/11 Iraq brought
            up several times
2001 Def Dept paper for Camp David meeting said 3 priorities in war on terror:
            Al Qaeda, Taliban, Iraq
2001 Dep Defense Sec Wolfwitz said 10-50% chance Iraq behind 9/11 & US had to
            take on Saddam if serious about war on terror
2001 Sec of State Powell said Wolfowitz had no proof Iraq involved in 9/11 and was
            just using it for his Iraq agenda
2001 Rumsfeld said it might be good to attack Iraq because no good targets in
2001 Cheney said Iraq would be dealt with but not right away
2001 Bush admin voted on whether to deal with Iraq after 9/11 and was voted down
2001 Bush said he thought Iraq involved in 9/11 but told Rice it would be dealt with
2004 Around 1000 protested in Najaf demanding that Sadr and his aides leave the city
2004 Gen Chiarelli said that US would clear militias from Sadr City Didn’t happen
2006 Bush speech Said he was listening to his generals who said things were working
            in Iraq
2006 Privately Bush had decided Iraq strategy not working and wanted new one
2007 GAO said Iraq met 3 partially met 4 not met 11 of 18 total benchmarks set by
            Congress for progress during Surge
2015 Iraq cabinet voted on law to cancel Vice Presidents 

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