Sunday, September 24, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 24

1978 In Iran-Iraq deal Iraqi troops surround Imam Khomeini’s house in Najaf
            Told he could only stay in Iraq if abandoned politics
1979 Iraq warned Iran to not to interfere in Bahrain after Ayatollah Rohani
called on Shiites to rise up against their Sunni rulers
1980 Iranian Navy attacked Basra and Fao Peninsula Destroyed 2 oil terminals limited
            Iraq’s exports
1980 Iran started naval blockade of Shatt al-Arab, Basra
1990 Kurd, Shiite and Communist opposition parties claimed united front against
1991 UN Inspectors found over 53,000 documents at Atheer facility but were held
            for 4 days by Iraqis until could leave
2001 William Safire op ed said clear link between Iraq-Al Qaeda via Ansar al-Islam
2002 UK dossier on Iraq WMD released Blair told parliament that Iraq had WMD and
            it was producing them
2002 UK dossier said that Iraq could use WMD in 45 minutes
2002 UK dossier said Iraq could build a nuclear bomb in 2 years Iraq tried to buy
            uranium from Africa
2002 UK dossier said no definitive intelligence that aluminum tubes Iraq tried to buy
            were for nuke program
2002 UK ForSec Cook was surprised dossier on Iraq was mostly old WMD material
2002 CIA Dir Tenet briefed Senate Foreign Relations Committee on intel on Iraq’s
2002 CIA Dir Tenet told Sen For Rel Comm Iraq rebuilding its nuclear
            program Proof bought aluminum tubes Niger uranium deal
2003 Bremer met Bush said he was optimistic about Iraq but concerned about growing
2003 Bremer met Bush complained about Congress number of US troops quality of
            intel training new Iraqi forces
2003 Bush told Bremer he was too controlling and doing too much Bremer said he
            would work on it
2003 CPA Governor of Anbar Mines warned that attacks and public anger at US
2004 Bush and Blair talked about staying course in Iraq and Allawi needing a
            professional staff
2004 Report Defense Science Board review found US didn’t have enough troops
            to stabilize Iraq
2008 Provincial Election Law passed allowing vote on Jan 31, 2009

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