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This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 23 Natl Sec Adv Rice said Iraq would be next stage in war on terror



1948 Shafiq Ades Jewish merchant in Basra hanged on accusation he smuggled weapons to Palestine Part

of anti-Jewish feelings that spread after creation of Israel

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Review No End In Sight, Iraq’s Descent Into Chaos

Ferguson, Charles, No End In Sight, Iraq’s Descent Into Chaos, New York: Public Affairs, 2008


No End In Sight, Iraq’s Descent Into Chaos is an expansion of a documentary about the Iraq war that Charles Ferguson made. It consists of over a dozen interviews the author did with former U.S. officials, journalists, Iraqis and more. It is a condemnation of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. He blames President Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Coalition Provisional Authority head Paul Bremer for everything that went wrong. Most of the book is very informative and convincing but the last third gets a bit meandering as it loses focuses and goes into all kinds of topics such as withdrawing from Iraq, Iran’s role, what might have happened in Iraq and more.

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 22 Iraq invaded Iran starting Iran-Iraq War


1961 After Barzani’s forces overran army and police outposts and pushed back pro-govt Kurdish

tribes Qasim ordered counterattack Iraqi air force bombed 500 villages destroying 270 of them

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Chilcot Inquiry Section 9.1 March to 22 May 2003

The British were caught off guard by the post-war situation in Iraq. That’s because the Blair government had made so few plans for what it was to do the day after the invasion ended. There were mixed ideas about who would run Iraq, the security situation and deBaathification.

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 21 Coup plot by PM Razzaq vs Pres Arif discovered Led to Baathist purge from govt



1941 PM Midfai resigned over argument with Finance Min Kamal

This Day In Iraqi History - Sep 25 KRG held independence referendum Iraqi forces would attack Kurds and seize disputed areas afterward

  1913 US consul in Baghdad reported Basra Reform Society issued constitution Sep 2013 Demanded autonomy no foreign conc...