Sunday, November 26, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 26

1980 Iraq sent letter to UN saying it was still following the 1975 Algiers Accord
            on Shatt al-Arab and Iran was violating it
1983 Pres Reagan signed NSDD114 saying U.S. would back Iraq in Iran-Iraq
            War to prevent it from losing
1993 Iraq accepted UN Resolution 715 to extend UN weapons inspections Initially
            rejected resolution
2001 Bush called Saddam a terrorist who would be held accountable and said Iraq
            needed to allow UN weapons inspectors back in
2001 White House spokesman Fleischer said US afraid Al Qaeda might try to get
            nuclear weapons from Iraq
2002 Gen Franks presented deployment plan for Iraq invasion to Rumsfeld Was for
            300,000 troops to be sent from summer 02-spring 03
2002 Rumsfeld said large deployment would undermine diplomatic moves US making
            on Iraq
2002 Rumsfeld decided to go through entire deployment process for Iraq invasion Ended
            up breaking it up and controlling entire process
2003 Sistani said he opposed CPA’s plan for caucuses to be formed to draft new
            Iraq constitution
2003 Sistani wanted Islamic identity to be included in any new Iraqi government
2006 US Iraq strategy review presented to Bush Said Maliki unable or unwilling
            to act against violence
2006 US Iraq strategy review said US should continue with withdrawal plan but
            could have temporary surge of troops
2006 SecState Rice told Bush US should step back from Iraq Was opposed to
            surge of troops
2006 NatlSecAdv Hadley told Bush US should have a surge of troops in Iraq to
            bring down violence
2006 Bush said he would consult with everyone and decide on a new Iraq
            strategy in Dec 06
2007 Maliki told Bush he was afraid insurgents were infiltrating the sahwa

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