Saturday, November 11, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 11

1914 Battle of Basra began when Ottomans attacked and were turned back by British troops
1920 League of Nations announced British mandate over Iraq
1920 Abd al-Rahman al-Gaylani became Iraq’s 1st prime minister
1963 Baath election put moderates in control and Sec Gen Ali Sadi was exiled to Spain
1982 Iran ended Op Muharram after failing to gain much territory in Iraq’s Maysan province
1987 Arab League meeting condemned Iran for not ending Iran-Iraq War
1991 UN Resolution 715 said that Iraq had to unconditionally cooperate with weapons inspectors
1998 UN Secretary Gen Annan appealed to Saddam to work with weapons inspectors again
2001 London Observer quoted INC defector that Iraq trained terrorists at Salman Pak to hijack 
           planes like 9/11
2003 US Cmdr in Iraq Gen Sanchez said US would be more aggressive fighting insurgency
2003 Bush said Iraq and war on terror were like struggle against Communism
2003 Rumsfeld said that US facing low-intensity war in Iraq
2003 Bremer called to Washington over unhappiness with his longterm plan for Iraq
            and transferring sovereignty
2003 NSC meeting CIA official said US facing insurgency in Iraq Rumsfeld said that
            was wrong word and wanted definition
2003 NSC meeting Bremer agreed with CIA official that US facing insurgency in Iraq
2003 NSC meeting Bush said he didn’t see an insurgency in press and didn’t want to
            hear about it in press
2003 NSC meeting Bush said US had to stay the course and succeed in Iraq
2003 NSC meeting DepSecSate Armitage thought Bush in denial about what was
            happening in Iraq
2003 NSC meeting Rumsfeld said Iraqis had to take things over to show them they had
            to run their own country
2003 Pentagon refuted Weekly Standard and UnderSecDef Feith claims of Iraq-
            Al Qaeda ties since 90s
2004 Insurgents attacked police stations across Ramadi causing collapse of force
2004 Zarqawi arrived in Ramadi after leaving Fallujah during 2nd battle
2004 Al Qaeda in Iraq seized 14 police stations and established temporary control of Mosul
2005 Bush announced US Iraq strategy was clear hold build Didn't tell military
            beforehand and not actual policy
2005 SecState Rice arrived in Mosul to announce first US Provincial Reconstruction Team
2007 Maliki put a freeze on hiring sahwa into govt fearing insurgent infiltration
2010 New parliament had 2nd session in 5 months Elected Nujafi new speaker

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