Saturday, November 4, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 4

1992 Saddam told top Baath officials that election of Pres Clinton might usher in better Iraq-US 
1998 NY indictment claimed Al Qaeda-Iraq had agreement not to work vs Saddam and to cooperate 
            on weapons
1998 NY indictment based on intel that Al Qaeda and Iraq worked on weapons together in Sudan
1998 NY charges on Al Qaeda-Iraq cooperation were later dropped in indictment 
1998 NSC counterterror dir Clarke sent memo to NalSecAdv Berger saying Iraq WMD experts were 
            at Sudan factory probably working with Al Qaeda
2003 CPA officials and a general complained about CPA’s deBaathification and free-market reforms 
            at staff meeting
2003 CPA officials suggested Transitional Admin Law as interim constitution to bridge differences 
            between Bremer & Sistani
2003 Sistani wanted Iraqis to elect body to write constitution Bremer wanted indirect method
2003 Iraqi prisoner was hooded placed on box wires attached to him and told he would be 
            electrocuted by US jailers Abu Ghraib

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