Thursday, November 30, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 30

1920 British said all of its colonial offices were under control of Iraq council of state
1980 Iranian air force attacked Iraqs nuclear reactor at Tuwaitha and Fao Peninsula in Basra
2001 Rumsfed told press US knew Iraq had WMD because defectors told them so
2003 US soldiers repelled 3 ambushes on convoy in Samarra Iraqis later claimed US fired
            indiscriminately killing civilians
2003 Senior CIA analyst said 2002 Nat Intel Est on Iraqs WMD lacked specifics on the programs
2004 Report War mismanagement sanctions since 1980s destroyed Iraqs health care system
2005 Aide to PM Jaafari wanted to know whether KRG signing oil deal with was DNO
2005 White House released National Strategy for Victory in Iraq Lacked any substance
            on what strategy was
2005 Bush speech went over new National Strategy for Victory in Iraq Said goal was to
            train Iraqi forces to take over war
2005 Pentagon contracted Lincoln Group to place pro-US stories in Arab media about Iraq
2006 Bush met Maliki Maliki said he wanted more control over ISF and command
            over them Bush said no
2006 Bush told Maliki he had lost control of Baghdad and about to lose Iraq Maliki
2006 Bush told Maliki US was going to have troop surge Maliki had to back it and
            agree to reconciliation Maliki said yes
2006 Sadr withdrew ministers from Malikis cabinet to protest Malikis meeting with Bush

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