Friday, November 10, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 10

1968 Baath assassinated former foreign minister Nasir Hani and arrested Western businessmen
1980 Iraq captured Khorramshahr Iran Iraqis called it “city of blood” afterward
1980 Iraq claimed Iran started Iran-Iraq War by bombing border towns in Sep 80
1980 Iraq gave up claim to break up Iran but said its right to Iranian territory would be determined
            on battlefield
1981 Iran rejected Iraqi call for a ceasefire and said it was a sign of weakness by Baghdad
1991 Saddam dismissed his son in law Gen. Hussein Kamal as Defense Minister
            and replaced him with his cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid
1982 Saddam said Iran wanted to rule Iraq not just get rid of him
1994 Iraq parliament recognized Kuwait’s border and independence
1997 Iraq said it would not allow any US planes to be used for weapons inspections
1998 All UN weapons inspectors left Iraq after Baghdad refused to cooperate anymore
2003 Bremer met Bush saying two routes for Iraq could be elections for new govt
            or CPA could hold caucuses to pick govt Bush backed CPA
2003 CIA report more Iraqis joining insurgency Said Iraqi leaders not showing
            ability to run country
2005 Al Qaeda in Iraq took responsibility for bombing 3 western hotels in Jordan
2005 Al Qeada in Iraq later realized bombings cost it support and tried to justify them
2005 Nat Sec Adv Hadley denied that White House manipulated Iraq intel before 2003
2006 Bush formally asked his staff to review Iraq strategy because not working
2007 Lions of Adhamiya Sahwa group announced in Baghdad
2010 Barzani called meeting and agreed on new govt of Maliki PM Talabani Pres Allawi
            head of new strategic council Nujafi speaker
2010 Deal for new govt called Irbil Agreement
2014 IS announces it got allegiance from groups in Egypt Libya Yemen Algeria Saudi Arabia

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