Sunday, November 5, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Nov 5

1914 England and France declared war on Ottoman Empire Would lead Mesopotamia into WWI
1914 British Gen Delamain head of Indian Expeditionary Force told to protect
            oil infrastructure and only take Basra if Ottomans joined WWI
1917 Battle of Tikrit between British and Ottoman forces
1958 Arif arrested on charges of attempting to assassinate Gen Qasim in coup
1968 Baath militia fired on Communist strikers at factory outside Baghdad killing 2
1978 Arab League condemned Camp David peace agreement between Egypt & Israel at
            Baghdad summit
1981 Iraq offered Muharram ceasefire Iran rejected it
1997 Iraq blocked US weapons inspectors into facilities in last two days
1998 UN Resolution 1205 condemned Iraq suspending work with weapons inspectors
2001 Time magazine op ed saying U.S. should go to war with Iraq because connected to 9/11
2003 Report Saddam made various overtures to US before war but ignored by US as
            fakes or to stall for time
2005 Operation Steel Curtain launched in Karabila Anbar along Syrian border after it
            was cleared in Oct 2005
2006 Saddam convicted on charges of killing 148 people in Dujail 1982 and sentenced to death
2015 VP Maliki said people shouldn’t support Abadi’s reforms anymore

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