Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History – Nov 1

1963 Wandawi head of Baathist National Guard dismissed in fallout between nationalist & Baathist
            coup members
1978 Iraq hosted anti-Sadat conference to oppose Egypt-Israel peace treaty
1983 Sec of State Schultz told Iraq using chemical weapons almost every day in Iran-Iraq War
1990 Bush authorized offensive planning and preparations for Gulf War
1998 Iraq suspended cooperation with inspectors
2000 UK intel report said Saddam had no reason to work with UN because felt US
            would never end sanctions as long as he was in power
2002 UnderSec State Bolton told conference if Iraq got fissile material it could have a
            nuclear bomb in a year
2003 UN withdrew most of its staff after Zarqawi bombing
2003 Asst Cmdr 1st Armored Div Gen Hertling said that the insurgency was faltering
2016 Mosul entered by Iraqi forces for first time starting with eastern neighborhoods

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