Tuesday, October 31, 2017

This Day In Iraqi History - Oct 31

1982 Iran launched Muharram al-Haram attacking Diyala and Maysan Took
            Back 120 sq mi of Iranian territory 330 sq mi of Iraqi land
1982 Iranian Op Muharram al-Haram made Iraq call up its reserves
1995 INC HQ in Salahaddin, Irbil bombed by Iraqi National Accord killing 28
1998 Iraq suspended all cooperation with UN weapons inspectors 
1998 Pres Clinton signed Iraq Liberation Act opening up $97 mil for opposition parties
2001 ABC withdrew story that Iraq might be behind anthrax letters sent to Wash DC
2002 Blair agreed to offer a division to US for invasion of Iraq
2002 UK energy companies met with govt official complaining business deals
            being made for postwar Iraq and they were being left out
2004 US Gen Sattler Unless US and Iraqi forces stopped insurgent intimidation campaign against 
            Iraqi civilians they couldn’t win
2004 Report US intel est 8,000-12,000 insurgents in Iraq and financing Far more than
            previously believed
2004 Report US army overrode objections of contracting officers who complained
            about cost overruns and non-competitive bids given to Halliburton in Iraq
2005 US report Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iraqi militias and police carrying out
            assassinations in Basra
2005 IRGC gave assassination orders to Sayid al-Shuhada, Iraq Hezbollah, Thar Allah,
            Fadhilah, Badr and others
2006 ISI’s Furquan Institute for Media Production made its first release
2006 State Dep memo to Rice said ISF not capable of controlling violence Meant
            Clear Hold Build impossible
2006 State Dept memo to Rice Maliki talked about being national leader but was
            proving sectarian
2010 ISI attacked Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad taking 100 hostages Goal
            was publicity and gain donations
2015 Albu Faraj noth of Ramadi attacked by ISF after it was declared freed 3 times
2016 Iraqi forces attacked Gogjali eastern suburb of Mosul 

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